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By Kathy Monnin

We are on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks against the United States. Four coordinated terrorist attacks occurred that morning as four commercial U.S. flights were hijacked mid-flight by 19 militant Islamist terrorists known as al-Qaeda. The terrorists suicide attacks were targeted at iconic American buildings to cause mass destruction of life and total annihilation of the buildings. These buildings included the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the White House or the Capitol.

Passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 attempted to regain control or divert the flight from its intended target. The plane crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pa., avoiding destruction of their target, (either the White House or the Capitol). The Pentagon suffered the loss of 125 occupants, but the devastation was far less severe than that of the Twin Towers.

The World Trade Center’s south tower collapsed after burning for 56 minutes. It took only 13 seconds for the building to be leveled. The north tower collapsed after burning 102 minutes and took approximately 16 seconds to be leveled. Hours later, at 5:20 pm the 47-story 7 World Trade Center building collapsed. No one was in the building at the time.

After the carnage, President George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin Laden and expel al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden denied any involvement in the attack, but later in November a videotaped confession is uncovered. By then the U.S. had invaded Afghanistan focused on removing the Taliban government from power, dismantling al-Qaeda, and denying them a safe base of operations.

There were many skeptics regarding the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Many felt George W. Bush was trying to finish what George HW Bush had not (bin Laden had been wanted by the FBI since 1998). There was even more skepticism over bin Laden’s confession tape found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in.

A conspiracy theory is defined as a belief that some secret but influential organization is responsible for an event or phenomenon. Is that totally an impossibility? I don’t think so. However, the powers that be and society has tried to remove all credibility from anyone who believes in conspiracies by calling them paranoid, or insulting their character, or even questioning their sanity. We don’t call people who believe in different religious faiths insane; so why does society label conspiracy theorists as deranged?

Look up the word “theorist:” in a thesaurus and you might find these words: philosopher, logician, thinker, sage, savant, sophist, or visionary. None of these words is synonymous with “whack job.”

Yet, people feel it necessary to preface their opinions with “I don’t normally believe in conspiracy theories, but …” This is because we have been conditioned to respond skeptically when we hear the word conspiracy. It becomes a game of “He said, she said,” who does one believe? Most people don’t want to believe the worst so let’s just consider the conspiracy unlikely, implausible, and speculative. However, people that do the work, searching for truth, and guided by facts are not conspiracy theorists.

Sometimes it takes a great number of years to arrive at the truth, but the real harm is not in taking so long but rather in one’s ignorance of the facts once revealed. For example, we now know scientifically that human life begins at conception – so how is it that abortion is not murder? If taking a human life is not murder than could abortion be a conspiracy?

In the past, what we knew was what we were told or what had been seen from news sources. Today we know that news stories, as well as history, can be fabricated, manipulated, and twisted by news media, politicians, business moguls, and tycoons.

There has been a growing organization of engineers and experts who have been speaking out against the attacks of 9/11. So you can do your own study, the website is: 911ExpertsSpeakOut.org. Also, you might want to acquaint yourself with a declassified governmental proposal from 1962 with the code name: “Operation Northwoods.”

Keep in mind that throughout history there have been countless conspiracy theories. Some were true, some had elements of truth and others were totally false. Some include: Who shot JFK? Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Who really assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr.? Then there are the conspiracies regarding the Denver Airport, Area 51, Roswell, cloning, the Coronavirus, vaccinations, education reform, and countless more.

“Not every conspiracy is a theory.” ~James Badge Dale

“The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens…Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere.” ~Leo Tolstoy

“Deep thinking is a conspiracy against ignorance, blindness, and obliviousness. ~Erik Pevernagie


Saturday, Sept. 11, at 11 a.m. the Versailles Library and COSI are hosting an “Everyday Science” program.

Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. the Fairgrounds has a Food Truck and Craft show called “Feast & Fest Food Truck”. Also Saturday, beginning at noon is “Music Fest” at the Versailles Heritage Park. The event is open to all with no admission. Bring your blanket or chair and enjoy 12 music groups on three stages. There will be food and beverages (alcoholic too) available.

Monday, Sept. 13, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. is a Memory Lane Dance held at the Greenville VFW. Music by Tom Everhart. Open to the public $5 admission at the door.

Wednesday, Sept. 15, from 5 to 7 p.m. the Ansonia Legion will be serving a Rueben Dinner.

Happy birthday wishes to Garry Mumaw, Mary Gilroy, Rebecca Shumaker, Linda Grisez, Julie Strait, Roger Bey, Elaine Marshall, Susie Hileman, Christine Ring, Scott Langston, Mike Fourman, Mike Smith, Margo Meyer, Bill Rindler, Bill Surber, Elaine Peck, Kelly Koenig, Mark Richard, Josh Overholser, Nick Rhoades, John Rahm, Mandy Schlitter, Sara Kelch, Carrie Sturwold, Marianne Unger, Mary Beth Koons, Ben Eilerman, Ken Lawrence, Susette Kruckeberg, Kelsey Berning, Ashley Monnin, Megan Dickmann, Ann DeMange, Joan Kunk, Mike Schuh, Nikki Roll, Whitney Gaines, as well as, anniversary wishes to Maggie and Brian Knapke (13), Jenny and Kyle Francis, Beth and Eric Schultz (16), Kim and Chris Hecht (19), Jenny and Jon Stammen (19), Corra and Don Beare, Megan and John Schmitmeyer, Janet and Jack Bielefeld (22), Susan and Brian Kramer (24), Kelley and Jamie McGlinch (28), Kris and Chris Tumbusch (29), Laura and Joe Gigandet (31) Keri and Charen Kingrey (31), Sheila and Pat Voisard, Marge and Kirk Harman (34), Karen and John Hilgefort (36), Doris and Bob Goubeaux (41), Deb and Dewey Ward (44), Norma and Tom Parin, Linda and Jerry Stammen (47), Linda and Pastor Dave Wilson (52), Carol and Jim

Dahlstrom (53), Joan and Virgil Heitkamp (54), Rosie and Dean Derr (54), Mary Lee and Ed Gehret (55), Joan and Joe Marshal (67), and all those couples celebrating anniversaries but not named.

Please extend your heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Craig Lefeld (36), Pauline Schemmel Drees (85), Juliana Frey (92), and all those who have passed and those who are in our hearts but not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their passing nears. Please give your supportive and healing prayers for the sick, terminally ill, caregivers, all those who have lost loved ones, the lonely, the addicted, and all who are struggling.

As an act of kindness learn from someone. Take the time to listen to someone’s story, to understand their perspective. Possibly learn a new way to approach an old task or how to save money by making repairs, canning, cooking, or sewing. When someone is willing to teach you, they are most likely open to your friendship as well. And friendship can be a beautiful a two-way street.

Kathy Monnin is a volunteer citizen columnist. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 423-0914. Feel free to contact her with Versailles news and tidbits. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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