Concerned about illegal drugs in Darke County


This letter is to help send a wake-up call to my fellow Darke County residents. I am about to write the words that nobody in politics at any level will ever speak in public: AMERICA HAS A DRUG PROBLEM. After reading the police reports for years and years, the amount of overdoses from meth or heroin in this county grows every month. It’s nothing to find some future corpse behind the Speedway or passed out somewhere. Greenville Police/Darke County Sheriff finds a baggie and a glass pipe with a small amount of white residue, [then the person is] released after refusing treatment. Or maybe they NARCAN this jerk, then Darke County judges give them the slap on the hand with community control and some time with a probation officer. When you hear of these Mexicans jumping the border to come to America, they come to sell us drugs that are in high demand, obviously. And it’s not going to stop as long as Americans are still buying them. I’m sad to say that this problem has no chance of success as long as we refuse to deal with it legally, and at our homes directly.

Ryan Rader
Arcanum, Ohio

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