Torres-Flores faces fourth deportation


Staff report

UNION CITY, Ohio — Union City Ohio Police arrested a man found to have fraudulent documentation.

On Nov. 5, officers of the Union City Ohio Police Department came into contact with Andres Torres-Flores. During the encounter with Torres-Flores, he presented officers with a social security card and permanent resident card that was found to be fraudulent.

Torres-Flores admitted that he was not a legal citizen of the United States. Further investigation showed that Torres-Flores has been deported from the United States three times prior.

Officers then made contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE stated that they would follow through with the deportation of Torres-Flores. Torres-Flores was arrested for tampering with evidence, a felony of the third degree.

He was subsequently transported to the Darke County Sheriff’s Jail, where he was placed into the custody of the on-duty jail staff. Torres-Flores has since been picked up by ICE and will now face deportation from the United States for the fourth time.

The Union City Police Department stated it is committed to the continued enforcement of illegal immigrants whom are committing crimes within our community.

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