Versailles Village Council discusses leaf pick up


By Meladi Brewer

VERSAILLES — The Versailles Village Council met Wednesday to discuss updated pool passes, leaf pick up, and Tiger football.

Village Administrator Mike Busse spoke about the upcoming pool season in regards to the daily prices deciding a change was to be made to overall costs.

“Finance and Audit looked at our annual pool pass rates and had a discussion about it. We have looked at what the surrounding communities are doing, and what they decided was to simplify our rates structure,” Busse said.

For the upcoming 2022 pool season, the Versailles pool will have two types of passes available: an adult pass and an immediate family pass. The immediate family pass is intended for the adults and those living in the same household.

“If you wanted a single adult pass you could have that and it would be $65 annual fee, or the immediate family pass will be $115,” Busse said.

General Daily Admission will also be changed. Adult daily rate is $5 and children 3 years of age or younger are free. Pre-season pass rates include adult passes for $55, and pre-season immediate family passes for $105. After the pre-season pass dates are complete, adult passes will cost $65, and a immediate family pass will cost $115.

Busse also spoke up about a change in the leaf pickup deadline. The last day for leaf pickup will be Friday, Dec. 10 due to maintenance needs.

“Our original intent was to continue leaf pickup through Dec. 17, but we had a little mishap with our leaf vac today,” Busse said. “Our new intent is to be finished this Friday.”

They will work to try and temporarily fix the leaf vac’s pick-up arm in order to do one final week before the end of the week before the vac will have to be torn apart and fixed.

“By the time we get it fixed, leaf season will be over, so we’re going to see if we can just limp it through the rest of the season and then tear it apart and fix it,” Busse said.

Concluding the meeting, the council members discussed the signs around town and Versailles sports victories this past season.

“The signs at the edge of town, are in the process of being refaced. They hope to have those done within the next week,” Busse said. “We also ordered the football state championship signs, so we will have those next week also.”

The Versailles Village Council is proud of their athletic department, and Todd Dammeyer verbally expressed his support at the end of the meeting.

“I do want to congratulate the football team and the band for a great job in the post season. They represented us well, both brought home a trophy,” Dammeyer said.

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