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By Kathy Monnin

Have you sent Christmas cards this year? If not, you still have time, even though it’s suggested that you should always send out Christmas cards during the first full week of December to avoid sending your cards out too early or too late.

Over the years many people I have spoken with have stopped sending Christmas cards. I never really ask why as everyone’s reasons are their own. Perhaps they felt it was too commercialized, or time consuming. Maybe they felt it was too expensive or since so few have published addresses anymore it was not possible to locate a mailing address. Regardless, there are still approximately one billion Christmas cards sent each year.

And there are online companies that will address and mail your Christmas cards for you. Freeing you up for other holiday activities and making sure your holiday greetings arrive in timely fashion. One such company is called Postable.

People, such as I, prefer actual cards rather than e-cards. Perhaps I am old-fashioned or believe there is more thought and preparation put into addressing, signing, and mailing a physical card. But there is something to be said for the speed of an e-card or texted greeting, and as our countdown to Christmas continues, it might be the only recourse available for some.

Admittedly, there are some people whom I think of often and but never quite get a card out to them. I should imagine I’m not the only person guilty of such neglect, but I do wish I could correct this oversight. Possibly I could prepare my Christmas card list well in advance and do a better job of reaching everyone.

Then there is holiday baking; peanut brittle, cookies, fudge, hard tack, rum balls, buckeyes, and other delectable goodies that are seldom made except during the Christmas season. They become part of a family’s Christmas tradition. Some families team together to bake such treats, while others go it alone. Then too there are families that bake, make, and decorate gingerbread houses.

I have a friend that makes an assortment of delicious cookies and goodies and each year she finds two friends in which to share her creations. She chooses someone who has gone through a rough patch, such as recently widowed, or otherwise alone for the holidays. I know this because I have been a recipient of her generosity. Consequently, this year I will do some baking in an effort to both honor her and pay it forward.

Regardless of whether some send cards and some don’t, some exchange presents, and some don’t, some decorate their homes and bake cookies, and some don’t, as long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is. For when you choose joy you feel good and when you feel good, you do good and when you do good it reminds others of what joy feels like and it just might inspire them to do the same.

May the meaning of Christmas be deeper, our friendships be stronger, and our hopes be brighter. May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace. May our hearts and homes be filled with love enough to last a lifetime. From the bottom of my heart, I wish everyone a most blessed and beautiful Christmas.

“Sending Christmas Cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp.” ~Melanie White

“A balanced diet is a Christmas cookie in each hand.” ~Unknown

“Christmas is not so much about sending Christmas cards and opening presents as opening our hearts to His presence.” ~C. Edwards


Thursday, December 23rd, Versailles Vets Club Bid Euchre cards starting at 7:00 pm in the bunker. $5.00 Open to the public.

Saturday, December 25th, Church services/Mass offered at all area churches. Check on times.

Tuesday, January 4th is the deadline for Versailles Citizen of the Year nomination letters to be received by the Chamber. VACC, PO Box 145, Versailles, OH 45380 or online at

Happy birthday wishes to Donna Wagner, Diane Schlater, Paula Varvel, Sharon Pepiot, Rick Alexander, Doug Ahlers, Lisa Frens, Floyd Monnin, Pat Wright, John Gues, Georgette Smith, Roger Melling, Adam Borchers, Ann Pedersen Forbes, Carol Schuh, Charlie Grogean, Connie Stachler, Holly Finnarn, Nancy Grieshop, Lisa Barga, Ken Kremer, Ryan Lundvall, Kim Fugett, and Baby Jesus as their birthdays approach as well as, anniversary wishes to Matt and Emily Barton (8), Toni and Sam Custer (41) and all couples celebrating anniversaries.

Please extend your sympathy to the family and friends of Gary Pitsenbarger (60), Tom Luthman (61), Amelia Harris (82), James Pleiman (86), and all those who have passed as well as those we hold within our hearts as the anniversary of their passing nears. Please give your prayers of comfort and healing for the sick, those who struggle, the suffering, the caregivers and those who mourn the loss of their loved ones.

As an act of kindness, give a gift (it doesn’t have to cost a cent.) It can be a poem, a Christmas ornament, or an entire Christmas meal. Anything will be something that makes the recipient realize they are deserving of kindness and allowed to feel good about themselves.

Kathy Monnin is a volunteer citizen columnist. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 423-0914. Feel free to contact her with Versailles news and tidbits. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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