Supports Mark Whittaker for Sheriff


For many decades, I have worked with my fellow elected officials in helping to set, manage, and maintain a fiscally conservative budget for our county’s operations. We take this responsibility very seriously, as these are all of our hard-earned tax dollars. Sheriff Mark Whittaker has been a part of these conversations for many years, and has always impressed me with his strong grasp on finances for our county’s public safety operations.

Sheriff Whittaker understands the fine balance between saving for the future, and ensuring our law enforcement officers have the resources today that they need to protect all of us. His budget management skills are critical, as the sheriff’s department composes one of the largest segments of the county budget. As a financial professional, and taxpayer in Darke County, I believe Sheriff Whittaker’s understanding of the budget and county finances is absolutely thorough.

Join me in voting and supporting Sheriff Mark Whittaker on the primary ballot this May!

Carol Ginn

Darke County Auditor

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