Darke County Christian Conservatives endorse Whittaker


The Christian Conservatives of Darke County (CCDC) voted unanimously to endorse Sheriff Mark Whittaker to be elected as Darke County Sheriff. The group believes that Sheriff Whittaker exemplifies all the qualities the members would expect from a Christian Conservative as he leads the law enforcement agency of Darke County.

The CCDC membership has observed the performance of Sheriff Whittaker and believes him to possess the qualities it values not only in the performance of his professional duties, but also in his private life. He has followed in Sheriff [Toby] Spencer’s footsteps in keeping a conservative budget, working well with all the county officials and being transparent with the public. He has provided a top-notch law enforcement presence for the residents — seamlessly coordinating all the multitude of details that are required to make that a reality.

Sheriff Whittaker is active in the community on a personal basis, working with all age groups to promote the Christian values in which the CCDC membership believes.

Electing a sheriff is an important ballot box duty for the residents of Darke County. Sheriff Whittaker is committed to combating the drug problem and helping build strong communities. He is totally committed to protecting the second amendment rights of our citizens.

Our group believes it is important that Sheriff Whittaker has received on-the-job training from the much admired and long serving previous sheriff. This training is seen to be just one of the many attributes that will ensure the residents of Darke County continue to be served by the very best law enforcement leadership possible.

As the residents of Darke County are overwhelmingly Christian and Conservative, CCDC believes it represents those values and is proud to enthusiastically encourage everyone to vote to keep Mark Whittaker as sheriff of Darke County.

Lyn Bliss, President

Christian Conservatives of Darke County

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