Supports Lines for Republican Central Committee


What is a county central committee? I found myself asking this question to my daughter, Leah Lines, this past February when she approached me to sign her petition to file for this position.

Darke County is split up into 43 precincts, which are designed by the Ohio Secretary of State to include about 1,000 voters. Precincts are split according to neighborhoods as much as possible. Each precinct has one elected central committee member for each political party. Darke County Central Committee Members are voted for in the primary election only, every even year, for a two year term. Currently, there are no term limits. Central committee is the heart and the governing body of the county political party. The members are representatives of voters in a precinct to a political party.

County central committee checks out, evaluates, examines, and decides what candidates are on the slate card or list of recommended candidates prior to election day. They vote for endorsements in the the county candidates. They decide what candidates get monetary and volunteer support from the party. When there is a vacancy, such as county sheriff, they work to fill the position. County central committee members are the people who stand for the principles of the political party. They choose and support candidates that stand for what the party believes.

Knowledge is power, and now is the time to power up!

I know I will be voting for Leah Lines, for Republican Darke County Central Committee Member for Precinct 14, Gettysburg and Adams West, this coming Tuesday, May 3, at the primary election. I encourage all of those who live in Precinct 14, to vote for Leah Lines, as your Republican Darke County Central Committee Member.

Jim Shuttleworth

Greenville, Ohio

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