Questions about ‘food shortages’


I have frequented the Asian Buffet in Greenville, Ohio and most recently, the Golden Corral in the Fairfield Commons Mall.

Concerning our supposed “food shortage,” I have a serious problem and questions.

The Asian Buffet charges roughly $14 per person for the buffet and a special rate from opening until the dinner rush.

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach and you could not finish what was on your plate at the Asian Buffet? You can get a “doggie bag” and it is weighed. You pay $5 a pound. If you don’t want to “double-pay,” the leftovers go straight to the trash.

At the Golden Corral the same applies. Their “doggie-bag” is weighed and you pay $7 a pound.

At both of these establishments the food is more than plentiful, the choices of food are abundant.

At both of these venues…the food ranges from appetizer type food through the main course, all the way to dessert. Drinks are included and unlimited.

At both of these places, there is staff to refill your drinks, remove used plates/dirty napkins, and keep an eye on you.

So how does it come to be that these cited establishments charge $14 per person per visit and one good steak at Kroger’s is $25?

If there is such a “food shortage,” how are these places able to provide the “feast” they do? All of the food serving pans are full. I could see this from my seated position at the table.

I’ve heard that the food shortage is the “truck driver’s” fault. But there’s food at both of the above-cited venues and plenty of it.

How much of a food shortage do we really have?

Both of these venues are packed every time I’ve been there, so how much of a money shortage do we really have?

Mona Lease

Arcanum, Ohio

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