Mississinawa Valley holds art show


Staff report

UNION CITY, Ohio — “The Sights and Sounds of Land, Sea, and Sky” provided the theme Mississinawa Valley’s annual Junior/Senior High School Art Show, held in the school’s Jackson Gym on Thursday, May 19. The exhibit featured light-based artwork. The gym was filled with three-dimensional sculptures enhanced by lights or black-light paint, more than one hundred cardboard shadow boxes each lit with strings of lights, black-light paintings, as well as ceramics and traditional two-dimensional artwork—drawings, paintings, and photographs. The art show was visited by several hundred guests, members of the community, and family members of the Missisinawa Valley students.

Giant screens displaying projections of student-created videos filled the back half of the gymnasium; these screens created a 10’ x 70’ wall featuring a video containing over 30 minutes of student-created photographs, movies, and videos streaming from four synchronized high-definition projects. All of this artwork was created under the direction of Ashley Austerman and visiting artist Timothy Wells, working with Mississinawa Valley Schools with funds granted from the Ohio Arts Council. To help create the large projections, the art students took a field trip to the LUME exhibit in Indianapolis for inspiration.

The 3D sculptures were created by the 3D and Mixed Media classes; the videos were done by the students in the two photography classes and the drawing class. The 3D class produced the ceramics, while photographs were created by photography class students, and the drawings and paintings were created by the students in drawing class. Eighth grade art students produced the black light paintings, and the shadow boxes were created by almost 100 students from the fifth and sixth grades.

The artwork was juried by CeCelia Rice, Director of the Anna Bier Gallery in Greenville, Ohio. Rice awarded first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and honorable mention awards to the 5th grade shadow boxes, 6th grade shadow boxes, 3D sculptures, ceramics, two dimensional art, and a Best of Show award for the video production.

The student artists and Mrs. Austerman wish to thank the following organizations and individuals for their support of our community and our art which helped inspire the artists with field trips and the supplies used to create the art and projections. As a bonus, the students, staff, and visitors to the show enjoyed a generous visit from Kona Ice.

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