Wayne HealthCare presents EMS Life Saver Awards to local heroes


Staff report

GREENVILLE — A special event to recognize first responders was held on June 8, 2022 at Greenville Twp. Rescue. Wayne HealthCare presented EMS Life Saver Awards to several personnel who are local heroes to a man who went into cardiac arrest on May 6, 2022.

Larry Baker, a local resident of Greenville, Ohio, became unresponsive on the evening of May 6 when engaging in a conversation with his significant other, Shannon Masters. A call was placed to 911, and Masters states that EMS was there within minutes.

Greenville Township Emergency Services, Greenville City Fire Department and Greenville Police Department were dispatched and arrived on the scene to perform advanced life support. They were successful in reviving Baker.

Friends and family gathered at Greenville Twp. Rescue to honor the EMS workers who saved the life of their loved one. Baker was able to shake hands and thank the individuals who played a role in saving his life. Those individuals were Austin White, Jim Hackney, Jarrod Widener, Matt Hanish, Dylan Kolb, Alex Fries, Jesse Carine, and Troy McDaniel. Not present, but also recognized, were Ben Boyer, Neil North, and Richard Archer.

Jarrod Widener recounted the events of that evening and showed Mr. Baker how chest compressions were administered utilizing a device designed to deliver CPR over a sustained period of time. Widener explained that Baker needed these compressions as well as intubation during these vital moments.

According to Baker, he spent five days recovering in the hospital. He described how quickly he’s recovered and how well he’s been doing since that day.

“After an event like this, that is pretty impressive,” states Widener.

Baker is currently participating in therapy sessions through Wayne HealthCare. At the Wellness Center, he walks around the track and states that he can get a lap in around a minute and five seconds.

“He’s stronger than before. He’s been able to do gardening… He’s not as tired and has gained stamina,” states Masters.

Baker’s friends and members from Crazy for Christ Church gave a generous donation to Greenville Twp. Emergency Department in honor of Baker.

Assistant Chief, Brian Phillips, emphasized the importance of getting people involved in taking CPR Classes. According to the American Heart Association’s recent statistics, there are more than 356,000 cardiac arrests that occur annually outside of the hospital (OHCA), and nearly 90 percent of them are fatal. According to the report, this affects nearly 1,000 people each day. Survival to hospital discharge after an EMS-treated cardiac arrest is about 10 percent.

CPR Classes are held the first Saturday of every month at 8AM at Greenville Twp. Emergency Services. To sign up or to learn more about their programs, call 937-548-9339.

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