Supports DeLand for State Central Committee


I have known Katie (Davis) DeLand for over 20 years, dating back to when she was in high school. Even back then, she was politically active and engaged, and always willing to help with going door to door, walking in parades, or stuffing envelopes here in Darke County.

Katie has since grown her own family here, but is still the hard worker I remember. A few years ago, she was elected as the chairman of the Darke County Republican Party and has grown our party in tremendous ways. Just recently, Katie worked hard to make the 2022 Darke County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner the largest in history. Katie’s ability to connect with new voters and established Republicans is vital to the continued success of our party.

In her role on the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee, Katie represents us well. She never forgets the conservative values that make our region so special, and she is always willing to help our voters become more educated on our elected officials. She deserves to be reelected on Aug. 2, and I hope you join me in voting for Katie DeLand to the Republican State Central Committee.

Darryl Mehaffie

Greenville, Ohio

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