Race for U.S. Senate goes through Darke County


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — When you think of hotbeds of politics, Darke County isn’t usually the place you look. However, it was the place to be for GOP candidates on Sunday afternoon. The Darke County Republican Party held its annual Hog Roast at the Darke County Fairgrounds. U.S. Senate hopeful J.D. Vance, Congressman Warren Davidson, Governor Mike DeWine, and a host of other state and local candidates were drumming up support in the rural community and encouraging Darke Countians to make their voices heard.

Katie Deland, chairman of the Darke County Republican Party, believes Darke County is essential to get the Republican Party elected in November. With the powerhouse of candidates turning out, she said, “That means that we are this important to this election. The midterms are this critical that we are seeing our candidates up and down that ticket coming to Darke County. We’re not a central county, we’re not a big county, we’re not an urban core county. They know that our voters are going to come out. They are strong, they are loyal, they are conservative and they have their back. They need every one of their votes to offset one of the votes in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.”

Drawing the most attention from visitors and large media presence was the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Vance told the audience, “You guys know the stakes in this election and the stakes in this race. We’ve got to win our race and take back the United States Senate. What we’ve seen in the last couple of years coming from the Biden administration – you don’t like Joe Biden; I don’t like Joe Biden – but I’ve been shocked at how much damage they have been able to cause in just 18 months. It’s time to send them a message on Nov. 8. We’re not going to take it anymore and they are not going to destroy this country for one more second. We’re fighting back. That starts with sending me to the United States Senate and Warren Davidson to the United States House.”

Vance called out his opponent, Tim Ryan, for pretending to be a “MAGA Republican.” He said, “Tim Ryan is not the moderate he pretends to be.” Congressman Davidson added that Vance is running against a guy who is the “epitome of the swamp.” Davidson expressed his belief that one wouldn’t know from Ryan’s advertisements that he is a democrat. “When we were back this summer voting on the climate change and tax hike bill or as they called it, the inflation expansion act or something like that, I was like ‘Hey Tim, you voted no on that right?’ He looked at me confused. I said, ‘I saw your ads, you’re with us now, right?’ We know he’s not.”

Vance added, “The question is not whether we are going to win Darke County. We are going to win Darke County. The question is whether we can run up the score so that we can get all of our Republicans from top to bottom across the finish line and send a message to Washington, D.C. – we’ve had it and we’re not going to take it anymore. This is America and we decide who controls this government and who controls this country.”

The Wednesday edition of the Daily Advocate will highlight the Republican party’s state officials and candidates who spoke at the annual event.

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