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Supporting Rodriguez

When we heard Sophia Rodriguez was running for Ohio State Representative, our first thoughts, quite frankly, were selfish: We wondered if we would lose the co-manager of one of our favorite restaurants. Would the kids of Coldwater miss out on a great educator? But then we quickly realized that if she goes to Columbus to represent all of us, we all win. We have witnessed her passion for her profession for years – a passion for perfection, acceptance, wisdom, goals. We are certain she will carry that zeal to the state level.

Some of those old recipes in her family’s kitchen at Casa Rodriguez are absolutely secret. You can’t pry them out of her. But what she plans to do for the 84th District is no secret. She loves to talk to you – and more importantly listen to you at length – discussing common beliefs and goals for bettering our communities. Sophia invites all to her table.

She carries herself with an invigorating, reassuring air of self-confidence. She is willing to get in there and work doggedly hard, as she has throughout her life.

We have a sense that she will fine-tune a long list of constituent concerns. She will pursue the ones where she believes she can make a genuine difference while being a dynamic force for all in the 84th district. Winning this election is just the beginning of her journey. The real destination, in Sophia’s mind, is improved quality of life for ALL in Ohio.

A vote for Sophia is a vote for your own future.

Tom and Carol Hone


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