GPL to host The Art of Gingerbread


GREENVILLE — Did you ever wanted to know how to make amazing gingerbread houses? Look no further than Greenville Public Library.

Nikki Nealeigh will be stopping by to share her gingerbread tricks of the trade, including her dough recipe, on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m.

She will be demonstrating how to roll and cut out a pattern piece and make windows that glow. She’ll also be talking about decorating and assembly techniques with lots of pictures along the way.

Nealeigh’s love of gingerbread led her to create new and unique masterpieces each year since 2002.

“I love Christmas, food as art, and baking in general, so it just makes sense for me,” she said. “I usually work on a project for three weeks or so. It is meant to be an enjoyable pastime so I don’t push myself. There is also a lot of downtime between the steps like letting the icing dry to secure decorations and structures. As my patience has grown and confidence in my workmanship has increased, I find it easier to slow down and savor the process.”

Her most recent gingerbread house was an amazing recreation of Rainham Hall in London, but she doesn’t always choose well-known structures as a guide.

“Some years I like to take a real building and reimagine it in gingerbread, and some years I prefer to be more imaginative,” she added.

“Every year I say, ‘I think this one is my favorite.’ Every one of them has something that is my favorite feature, usually a new technique I’ve mastered like the wrought iron gate or painted fondant figurines last year. But sometimes it’s a memory attached to the subject building, like my childhood home or seeing my children perform at Memorial Hall.”

Registration is not required for this free event, which will be held in the third floor conference room. For more information, contact the library at (937) 548-3915.

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