Students get perfect math scores


Congratulations to the students pictured, along with their teachers, for receiving the highest possible score on the 3rd-6th grade State math test in the spring of 2022. Shown are (front row) Carter Helman, Gavin Stonerock, Christian Stewart, Brant Kissinger, Grady Steyer, (second row) Shane Gilman, Leah Force, Lucy Gettinger, Lydia Force, Adalee Boner, Landrey Huffman, Ian Baumann, Lisa Byram, Shannan Miller, (third row) Rhonda Schaar, Lori Duncan, Jim Hooper, Micah Coblentz, Ashley Miller, Mindy Kissinger, Rachel Jones, Dave Westfall, and Doug Fries.

Shown are Doug Fries, Noah Wright, Bentley Houck, and Lori Duncan.

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