Powell’s bill combating fertility fraud passes


COLUMBUS – State Representative Jena Powell (R-Arcanum) announces that Senate Bill 288, which included House Bill 64, has passed in the Ohio Senate. Powell’s section makes fraudulent assisted reproduction a crime in Ohio.

“We are striving to create a culture of life here in Ohio,” said Powell. “That includes ensuring that every husband and wife growing their family with ART (assisted reproductive technologies) has the peace of mind and confidence to know that their fertility doctor will not knowingly impregnate the woman with his own or incorrect sperm.”

The legislation asserts that if a licensed health care professional knowingly uses human reproductive material from a donor that the recipient of the procedure has not consented to, that constitutes a third degree felony. Additionally, the bill allows for the woman on whom the procedure was performed, her spouse, or the child born as result of the procedure to bring a civil action against the fertility doctor.

House Bill 64 previously passed unanimously out of the House Criminal Justice Committee. After being approved by the Senate, Senate Bill 288 now awaits further consideration in the Ohio House.

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