Versailles Village Council discusses deadends and parking


By Meladi Brewer

VERSAILLES — The Versailles Village Council met Wednesday to discuss deadends and parking.

Legislation is in the works to prohibit parking on the east side of Olive Street and the north side of Hickey Avenue within the Village of Versailles and prescribing the penalties for violation thereof.

Village Administrator Mike Busse gave an update on the 69kV Utility Line. The village is currently working on an agreement with Waynesfield to transfer ownership of their four 69 x 4 kV transformers to Waynesfield. Once they have drafted an agreement, Tom Guillozet, the village attorney, will review it and present it to council for approval. By going into an agreement with Waynesfield, it will save the village approximately $8,000 to $12,000.

“The Village of Versailles would also request proposals for the purchase of our 69kV Line between the two substations, and it would also include an additional 69kV interconnection,” Busse said.

He said the village currently has one connection point, and they would like to add a second interconnection, separate to the one they currently have. It will allow each substation to have their own connection.

“In the future as we add substations in town, we would expand that loop around town in order to feed the substations from each direction. That would be the goal,” Busse said.

An ad for the proposal for the existing 69 KV Transmission Facilities and the Establishment of an additional 69 KV Interconnection will be released on Dec. 21. General requirements for proposals are they must be strict conformance with the REP.

Following the anticipated schedule following the advertisement on Dec. 21, proposals will be due Jan. 18, the village will establish a short list of respondents on Feb. 1, selections of preferred respondents will be made on Feb. 15, and the execution of contracts will be in March of next year.

The council made a motion to award a bid on another project. Bids were received for the Klipstein Road Improvement project, and it was Busse’s recommendation that Brice Scmitmeyer award the project to the low bidder, Toms Construction.

“Tom’s bid for the project was $813,381, and the engineer’s estimate for the project was $1,100,000,” Busse said.

Busse also recommended the council vote and approve an additional contingency PO to Toms Construction of $100,000 due to this being a 2022 budget project that will not be constructed until mid-2023. This contingency will help the Fiscal Officer Kathy Ording to close out the book, and allow the village to have extra money in case the cost of materials increases over the course of the project.

“We anticipate some change orders, but we do not anticipate the need to spend the full additional amount. Any significant change orders on the project will be presented to the council for approval,” Busse said.

Midmark is looking to dead end Jackson Street just west of Warren Street.

“Jackson Street, as we all know, used to go straight through Midmark property, and at some point, part of Jackson Street was vacated to allow for construction of an additional facility for Midmark,” Busse said.

He said most recently they decided to move their main entrance of their office building to come off of Greenlawn, so because the new entrance comes off of 47, “they wanted to deadend Jackson Street as it comes onto their property”.

“Once of the things Mr. Francis and I let them know was, we can’t just put up barricades at the end of the street and deadend it because our garbage trucks and snow plows have to get down there,” Busse said.

It was the recommendation to add a bulb on the end to allow for trucks to turn around as needed. Midmark does have agreements to acquire the right of way for the bulb, and the legal plat to turn those right of ways over the the Village of Versailles. This will allow the village to take ownership of that property in order to ensure it does not turn into a deadend street.

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