Greenville Police Blotter


By Meladi Brewer

Dec. 30

WANTED PERSON: At 6:36 a.m. officers located and apprehended Joseph McCreery for an active warrant through Mercer County Sheriff’s Office for child neglect, bond $6,567.15. Officers called to McCreery numerous times to stop, but he kept advancing away from them. Officers finally made contact at a residence, and when McCreery finally complied and was placed under arrest, he became upset and stated officers were going to have to shoot him. He began trying to pull away and hit his head off the concrete banister on the porch before being moved onto the grass area. McCreery then dropped to the ground and continued to hit his head on the ground, and officers had to hold his head to prevent him from continuing to hit his head off the ground and hurting himself. McCreery advised he had taken drugs that night. He was transported to the hospital where he began hitting his head on the bed rails trying to hurt himself, and the hospital staff had to place him in restraints to try to calm him down. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office responded and took custody of McCreery. He was issued a citation for resisting arrest.

Dec. 31

DRUGS: At 6:03 p.m. officers conducted a traffic stop on a 2003 Ford Ranger at the intersection of Sweitzer Street and Edison Road Due to the operator of the vehicle being suspended. Matthew Karnehm was under multiple driver’s license suspensions, and when officers stopped the vehicle, they noticed Karnehm was nervous and speaking extremely fast. Due to his prior drug involvements, officers asked him if there were any illegal narcotics inside the vehicle and a search was conducted. A brown cloth glove with a plastic baggy with an unknown crystal substance inside was found, and it appeared to be over the bulk amount. A black book bag containing a rubber homemade marijuana bong and one plastic homemade marijuana bong were found. Karnehm was transported to the jail and charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving under suspension.

Jan. 3

WANTED PERSON: At 2:37 a.m. officers arrested Zachery Flippo in reference to an active bench warrant for a violation of probation on an original charge of disorderly conduct. During a search of Flippo’s person, two hypodermic syringes were located. He was transported to the jail where he must serve 28 days for the bench warrant. No additional criminal charges were filed.

DOMESTIC: At 9:26 p.m. officers responded to the 200 block of Tillman Avenue in reference to a domestic dispute between a married couple who have children together. It was advised by Sarah Burkhart that Jeremiah Burkhart became irate during a verbal argument, and began walking towards her with his fists balled. Sarah advised he punched her in the face and pushed her to the ground, causing a cut to her right elbow that was visibly bleeding. She hit her right knee, and it was swollen. Sarah also had scratch marks to the inside of her left leg, and she advised Jeremiah left after she called the police. Two witnesses confirmed the story. Jeremiah was located, and he advised the female had hit him. He also advised he did not punch or push her. Jeremiah was charged with domestic violence, and due to the severity of the injuries, he was determined to be the primary aggressor in the incident. Sarah was also charged with domestic violence.

SEX OFFENSE: At 11:41 p.m. a known person was arrested in the 900 block of E. Main Street for a sex offense. Officers had been in contact with Christopher Silcott via a covert Facebook Messenger page. Officers were in the area in the event Silcott showed up to meet who he thought was a 15-year old female for sex. At approximately 11:15 p.m. officers stationed themselves in surveillance positions near the area, and at 11:40 p.m. Silcott arrived. Upon arrest, Silcott was searched, and located on his person was a baggie of suspected marijuana, zig-zag rolling papers, and a condom. Silcott advised he knew he was coming to meet a cop. Officers also located a bottle of Fireball whiskey on the passenger front floorboard and a suspected marijuana joint in the front passenger’s door handle. He was transported to the Darke County Jail to be held on one count of importuning.

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