Tri-Village powerlifting teams finish in top 5 at Bradford meet


By Drew Terhall

BRADFORD — The Tri-Village High School boys and girls powerlifting teams competed at the Bradford Powerlifting Meet on Jan. 14. The competition featured 15 schools and six full teams.

The boys finished second in the event as the girls finished fifth. As a team, the boys lifted a total of 6360. The girls team lifted a total of 2435.

For the individual boys results, Carson Watern finished first in the 135 class with a 145 bench and a 310 dead lift. Austin Kosier finished first in the 145 class with a 135 bench and a 340 dead lift. Lucas Howell placed first in the 185 class with a 170 bench and a 300 dead lift. Hunter Ridout finished first in the 210 class with a 170 bench and a 290 dead lift. Stuart Brown topped his 225 class with a 185 bench and a 385 dead lift. Cameron Kimmel topped the 250 lower class with a 205 bench and a 470 dead lift while Christian Cantrell topped the 250 upper class with a 240 bench and a 405 dead lift. Seth Jesse also placed first with a 190 bench and a 435 dead lift.

For the girls, Macy Howell took first in the 155 class with a 110 bench and a 275 dead lift. Jolie Curtner finished second in the 125 class with an 80 bench and a 175 dead lift. Kaylee Rich-Welch finished second in the 175 class with a 120 bench and a 265 dead lift. Alivia Dunlap finished second in the 225 class with a 235 dead lift.

Tri-Village will next compete at Kenton High School on Jan. 28 for a regional meet that includes bench, squat and dead lift.

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