GCS and GPD investigate but find no legitimate threat


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — The Daily Advocate received information of an increased presence around the Greenville High School on Friday morning, but Greenville City Schools Superintendent Doug Fries reported there isn’t a legitimate threat to students or the school.

School and law enforcement officials were concerned over a social media post by a student nce they became aware of it on Thursday evening. Both the Greenville schools administration and the police department began an investigation. According to Fries, they “found the post has no basis to any violent act being carried out.” Fries went on to say, “The post is being dealt with appropriately by the school administration and law athorities with complete cooperation from the parent and student.

A One Call was provided on Thursday evening to the high school parents and staff. “There is no legitimacy to this threat after conferencing with the needed parties last night,” said Fries.

The Daily Advocate/The Early Bird will update this story as more information becomes available.

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