Peacock is part of APEX Producers Club


WINCHESTER, Ind. – Christopher C. Peacock, with Halderman Real Estate Services from Winchester, Ind., has been recognized as a part of the 2022 APEX Producers Club by the REALTORS® Land Institute as a part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report. Chris was recognized by RLI CEO Aubrie Kobernus as well as The Land Report’s Co-founders Eddie Lee Rider Jr. and Eric O’Keefe at a special awards ceremony on Tuesday, March 7, during RLI’s 2023 National Land Conference (NLC23) in Denver, CO.

“This is truly a special team recognition with Lauren Peacock, Abigail Chalfant, and Carla Peacock all playing huge roles in our successful farm real estate team in East Central, Indiana and West Central, Ohio,” said Chris upon receiving the award. Chris has over 26 years of experience with Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management, assisting clients in all areas of agriculture and winning numerous awards for his innovative approach to the agriculture business as well as top awards for real estate sales and farm management within the Halderman Companies.

“Chris Peacock is a true professional who represents his clients and the Halderman Companies to the very best of his ability every day! His customer service is outstanding and this honor recognizes his contributions to his clients and the industry. Chris is an innovator at Halderman and is always looking for new challenges. We congratulate him on this honor. He is very deserving.” stated Howard Halderman, President of Halderman Real Estate Services and Halderman Farm Management Service.

“We are proud of Chris and all of our members that were recognized as part of our award programs for their accomplishments in 2022. They truly are the most accomplished professionals with the highest levels of expertise in land real estate,” said RLI’s CEO Aubrie Kobernus, MBA, RCE. Top awards winners will receive national recognition in The Land Report’s Spring Magazine, RLI’s Spring issue of Terra Firma magazine, as well as additional promotions throughout the year.

The APEX Awards Program celebrated its sixth year by welcoming 217 applicants totaling a combined $7.0+ billion in qualifying transaction volume. For more information on the award winners, make sure to get a copy of The Land Report, one of the industry’s leading magazines for landowners and land professionals, which will be publicizing the top winners in their upcoming Spring 2023 issue. All land real estate professionals are invited to join RLI and apply to the

prestigious APEX Awards Program next year. APEX Award winners will be recognized next March at the 2024 National Land Conference in Louisville, KY. Learn more at

Are you seeking more information regarding farm management and real estate services? Chris Peacock and the Peacock Team pride themselves on ensuring their clients a comfortable confidential setting in order to provide solutions to best achieve your goals. They would love the opportunity to discuss your farm needs – whether that’s real estate, farm management or appraisals. Contact the Peacocks today at 765-584-2227.

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