Ohio’s Second Lady takes on many roles


By Ryan Berry


GREENVILLE — There is no doubt that women can and do take on a lot of roles; wife, mother, and employee or employer are a few that are top of mind. Throw in roles like Ohio’s Second Lady, personal coach, real estate broker, artist and arts supporter and there is only one person that fits that bill, Tina Husted.

Husted is more than the wife of Ohio’s Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, much more. Sure, she supports her husband and is there for him, but she is also a mother of three children. How does she keep up with her busy schedule? Husted says she draws her strength and inspiration from God.

Originally from Crawford County and the Bucyrus area, Husted graduated high school from Colonel Crawford High School and, according to her LinkedIn page, went on to earn a physical therapy degree from Ohio University in 1995. Five years later, Husted shifted gears and started her Real Estate career. She is currently an associate broker with Sotheby’s International Real Estate.

While that may be enough for some people, it’s only the beginning for Husted. Not only is she a real estate broker, but she also owns her own company called ART Squared. The business not only allows her to tap into artistic side, but it is also where inviduals can go for personal coaching and physical therapy for runners. Husted knows a lot about running. In 2015, she was listed as a Masters Elite Marathoner and was ranked 15th in the country.

On the artistic side of ART Squared, Husted is able to express herself through her paintings. She not only creates beautiful pastels for her own enjoyment, but she has had several commissioned pieces.

Her love of art and the arts is what brought her to Greenville recently. She spoke at the Darke County Center for the Arts annual recognition and luncheon. Referencing her art, Husted said, “It taps down deep inside. For me, it’s a God thing. I think we all have a special talent and for me it’s on canvas.” Her commissioned pieces are very special because she knows they will be lasting.

What does art do for her? “From my own perspective, it takes me to a new level. It makes me feel happier. It makes me feel joyful to be able to help others experience art,” she said.

Her love of art and the arts led her to becoming a member of the Ohio Arts Council. In addition to helping decide on the distribution of funds to all 88 counties, Husted also helped create the council’s Beacon of Light during the COVID pandemic. She wanted to find a way to lift up the artists when everything was shut down. An Instagram page was made and approximately 400 artists from every corner of Ohio submitted artwork to be displayed. Earlier this year, 17 of the artists that submitted artwork were invited to display their art at the Rife Gallery.

According to Husted, art, in all of its forms, “Makes us dig deeper inside of ourselves. It allows us to go to a new place or new level we may have never have been.”

You can see Husted artwork at www.tinaspastels.com.

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