Greenville Police Blotter


May 23

Miscellaneous Complaint

An employee of Wayne Health Care reported a child was brought into the Emergency Room with an injury to their face that occurred at a residence in Greenville. Cody Allen Stahl, the child‘s step-father, was cited for Endangering Children. A social worker requested an officer respond to a two-year-old male who was brought in by the parents with a facial wound after he shot himself in the face with a pistol air soft gun with a metal BB while the father was in the restroom. The father said he thought the juvenile was sleeping but does know how to use the gun since they shoot together all the time.

May 25


On May 25, officers were dispatched to the 1500 block Wagner Avenue in reference to a theft complaint. Officers made contact with the loss prevention officer who was with the suspect, William Hudson, Jr. Hudson, Jr. selected the listed merchandise and placed it in his backpack before passing all points of sale and exiting the building onto the sidewalk without rendering payment. Employees stopped Hudson, Jr. he handed the stolen items and was escorted to the front security office. Hudson, Jr. admitted that he stole one Dotcom only marker, one pack of five Sharpie paint markers, one Painter BLI marker, one pack of Chalk makers, two Decolor markers, one 250 Decolor marker, one pack of 5 neon markers, and one gray hat. The total value was $68.92, which were recovered and returned. Hudson Jr. was issued a copy of his citation for theft. He was also warned for trespass.

May 29


On May 29 an officer was dispatched to the 1500 block of Wagner Avenue on a shoplifting complaint. The officer met with the asset protection associate who said a male subject was observed concealing multiple boxes of trading cards into a backpack and then exited the store without making payment. When the employee approached him outside, he dropped the backpack with the stolen merchandise inside and left in a silver Chevy. Video showed a male subject wearing dark jeans, black shirt with the sleeves cut off and green writing on the front, a partial black sleeve covering his right forearm, brown boots, and a baseball style hat. The registration of the vehicle led to the 500 block of Martin Street. The backpack that had been left by the suspect appeared used and dirty and the suspect had stated it was his backpack. The backpack appeared to have the name Bobby Lee Yoder written in marker on the outside. Yoder resides at the same address as the vehicle registration. When officers arrived at the address, Yoder appeared to be wearing the exact same clothing the suspect was wearing in the surveillance video. Yoder stated he went into the store with his own empty backpack. He stated he had selected trading cards and put them in his shopping cart because his little brother collects them. He stated someone must have traded him bags because he doesn‘t know how the cards ended up in his backpack. He was advised he could be seen on video concealing the cards into his backpack and the backpack had his name written on it. He then stated his mom had called him and said it was time to go so he was in a hurry and placed them all in the backpack to take them up front and ask about layaway but then he forgot. His backpack was returned to him and he was cited for theft.


An officer was dispatched to the 200 block of Birt Street in reference to a trespassing complaint. Dispatch advised the known suspect, Brian Klosterman had previously been warned for trespass. An officer on scene advised that Klosterman had left on a bicycle and was seen in the area of Birt Street and Sweitzer Street. The officer advised there would be charges reference the trespass and disorderly. Klosterman was located on Sweitzer Street. Klosterman continued riding his bicycle after an officer pulled up beside him in a marked police cruiser and ordered Klosterman to stop or he would be taken to jail. Klosterman looked back at the officer several times and refused to stop while also giving a hand gesture with his middle finger. Officers used the cruiser’s emergency lights and the audible sirens but Klosterman ignored instructions and fled to his residence. Officers caught up with the suspect at the front door of his residence. He was asked to go to the ground, but ignored commands and proceeded to open his front door. The officer grabbed his right arm at taser point. Klosterman eventually complied and laid down on the ground where he was placed him in handcuffs that were double locked and gap checked Kosterman was placed under arrest for trespassing, obstruction and disorderly conduct and was transported to the Darke County jail.

May 30


Officers from the Greenville Police Department received information that Ralph Bailey was in the woods behind a business in the 100 block of North Broadway Street. On May 27, officers had been to the field where Bailey was located with a large amount of trash. Bailey had previously been trespassed from the property and was also cited for Trespass. On May 30, officers went to the wooded area behind businesses in the 100 block of Broadway Street and found Bailey in the wooded area. An officer observed Bailey was in the process of duct tapping soffit to a hose he had tied to several trees and still had the duct tape in his hand. Bailey was detained in handcuffs which were double locked and gap checked. It was determined that Bailey currently was on the property of the Tecumseh Point Preserve which is part of the Darke County Parks. Bailey had accumulated a large amount of trash including smashed food, old clothes, broken pieces of siding soffit, and a broken plastic water tank along with other miscellaneous trash items which was scattered on the ground in the woods and in the field. The director of the Darke County Parks was contacted and advised that he would like Bailey charged for littering in the park area. Bailey was placed under arrest and transported to the Darke County Jail where he was incarcerated for Littering and held on a bond of $525. The Greenville Street Department will be cleaning Bailey‘s trash up, again. During the May 27 encounter with Bailey, officers found multiple items and trash on the property. The items being a 20ft radio antenna, clothes, blankets, food, wagons, and loose trash. Bailey admitted that all of the items belonged to him. When asked what he was doing on the property, he said that he was living there. He was issued a citation for criminal trespass on the property, and issued another citation for littering during that encounter

June 2

Wanted Person

An officer arrived in the 200 block of East Main Street to serve a misdemeanor warrant. Officer had prior knowledge that Kimisha Higgins was staying there. Higgins had an active misdemeanor warrant out for her arrest through the Miami County Sheriff‘s Office. Higgins was placed into handcuffs which were gap checked and double locked. Higgins had an active misdemeanor warrant out of the Miami County Sheriff‘s Office on an original charge of obstructing official business with a $574 bond. Miami County confirmed the active warrant, and she was transported to the Darke County Miami County line and released to a Miami County deputy.

Wanted Person

An officer was on patrol when they observed a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu traveling westbound on Fair Street at Sweitzer Street. The officer recognized the front seat passenger as Shea Salyers. LEADS/NCIC was checked and confirmed that Salyers had an active Greenville Police Department warrant for failing to appear on a driving under suspension offense with a bond of $525. A traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle contact was made with Salyers. Salyers was placed into handcuffs which were gap checked and double locked. Salyers was then transported to the Darke County Sheriff‘s Office jail where he was released to staff.

June 3


An officer was dispatched to the area around Armstrong Street and Harrison Avene in reference to a disorderly subject yelling at residents in the 100 block of Harrison Avenue. Upon arrival the officer located the defendant sitting in her vehicle, near the intersection, but she would not speak to the officer, or open her door. The subject was known to the officer as Stephanie Green. Green just kept lifting up her phone and showing her screen that showed she had some music pulled up. The officer spoke to the residents and discovered one of them was her son. The son did not want her there and told her to leave but she refused to do so until the officer arrived. Even then she would just sit in her car across the street from his residence. The son informed the officer that Green was intoxicated and had no keys to leave in the vehicle she was sitting in. The son wanted her to leave the area and leave the residents alone. While the officer was talking to the son, the defendant got out of her vehicle and stood in the roadway. The defendant yelled at the residents causing them inconvenience and annoyance. The officer approached Green and noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage around her person, bloodshot eyes, was emotional, and not making much sense due to her continuously switching topics. She was warned for disorderly conduct and told to leave the roadway or get back in her car. After approximately 10 more minutes of the defendant not leaving the roadway, the residents wanted to fill out statements regarding Green being disorderly. She had been warned multiple times to leave the area and get out of the roadway. Green was told she was being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. When the officer attempted to put handcuffs on Green, she pulled her left hand away and brought it up to her chest where she became rigid and stiff, making it difficult to place her in handcuffs. Green said she was not under arrest and continued to struggle with officers while we attempted to put her hands behind her back. Two officers were able to maneuver her arms behind her back where another officer was able to handcuff her. The cuffs were finger gap checked and double locked. Green was transported to the Darke County Jail where she was given citations for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. She was incarcerated at the jail with a $1,050 bond.

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