Brewer, Wuebker will reign over fair


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — Seven young ladies and four young men stood before a room of onlookers on Tuesday, July 11 to learn who will become the 2023 Junior Fair King and Queen.

Although the interview in front of the spectators is important, that isn’t the only aspect the candidates were judged on. The judges took into account the candidate’s activities, essay and a private interview when deciding the winners and their courts.

When the final tally came back, Elizabeth Brewer was named queen and Andrew Wuebker was crowned king.

Brewer is hoping to inspire those around her as queen. During one of the interview questions, Brewer, who is in a wheelchair, spoke of her disability and shared that it isn’t something she’s seen in past queens. She is hoping others will see that reaching your goals is a possibility.

When asked who his role model is, Wuebker quickly said it was his sister, Tori Wuebker, a former junior fair queen. He said he has watched her overcome every challenge to achieve her goals and she does it with a positive attitude.

Wuebker and Brewer are excited to be wearing their respective crowns. “It feels really good and I’m happy that I got it and get to represent our fair this year,” said Wuebker. Brewer added, “I’m a little overwhelmed. It’s a lot, but I’m glad that I’m chosen as a representative for the community and for the fair. I’m glad they trust me in that.”

This was the first time for both of them to compete in the contest. Wuebker explained it is a family tradition to be part of the contest. In addition to his sister, his dad and uncle were both junior fair kings and a couple of cousins served as royalty and his other sister also seved on the court. However, he said he didn’t come in expecting that just because other family members were honored it was his destiny to be fair king. “I came in thinking I need to be prepared. I need to be ready for anything they throw at me,” he said.

Brewer, who also competed in the Poultry Days Miss Chick contest and was in the top five, said she wanted to be in the junior fair king and queen pageant because it allows her to put herself out there in a good way so others can see her successes. “I think that it helps me in my future and propels me in a way that can help me go further and helps my college resume, as well.”

Wuebker shows dairy market feeders and steers, as well as non-livestock at the fair. He represented the Versailles FFA in the contest. Brewer shows non-livestock projects and represented Versailles Busy Beavers 4-H Club.

The first runners-up are GraceLynn Harter and Daxton Harter, representing the Darke County Junior Fair. Second runners-up are Madison Werner with Trails and Tails 4-H Club, and Cooper Bucklew with Rabbit Habbit 4-H Club. Third runners-up are Sophia Aultman, with Darke County Holstein 4-H Club, and Carson Heitkamp with Canine Capers 4-H Club.

Additional contestants were Katelynne Michael with Show Hoppers 4-H Club, Alannah Sullivan with Trails and Tails 4-H Club and Megan Wood with Odds & Ends 4-H Club.

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