Welcome to the 2023-24 school year


Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year

By Douglas Fries

GCS Superintendent

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer break. Our administration and staff are eager to begin another year with students, parents, grandparents, and community members. We hope to work with everyone to make this another wonderful instructional year.

With the beginning of the 2023-2024 year, we are happy to be continuing in-person instruction. We hope to maintain in-person instruction throughout the year. The high school building Virtual Academy is the only building available for online instructional sessions for special circumstances at the high school level only. Some of this can be coordinated after school between 3-5 p.m. All other instruction is in person in the district.

The district will continue to order appropriate cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer to maintain a clean learning environment in both our buildings and on buses. We do ask parents and students to continue to monitor student COVID-19 like symptoms and monitor their child’s temperature in the morning before coming to school. Students should not come to school if they are sick with COVID-19 symptoms or have a temperature of over 100.0°.

Our school system, for the fourth year, will continue to utilize our districtwide Learning Management System (LMS). The teaching staff and students continue to both have experience using the Canvas Learning Management System. The Canvas LMS can be used for students who are absent from school to monitor their assignments. The Canvas LMS could also be used if we ever had a district-wide quarantine or an extended amount of calamity days beyond the five allowable days.

This year our district will participate in two Waiver Days on Oct. 23, 2023, and Jan. 29, 2024. Both days will be non-instructional days for students and allow for staff professional development. There is also a strong possibility we will be adjusting the calendar due to the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This could become a calamity or E-Day/Blizzard Bag Day depending on days missed. More will follow about April 8, 2024.

Our elementary through 10th grades will continue to participate in Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) testing to continue throughout the year to keep a close measure on our alignment to end of year required state assessments. We continue for the ninth year with the College Credit Plus program with the majority of our students attending Edison State, Sinclair, and Wright State. We also look forward to continuing with our Career Tech programming at the high school which is consistently well received by our students. Many of these programs continue to be involved in national competition and become award winners. Last summer our Careers with Children program, under the direction of instructors Amy Schoen, Lisa Maher-Strawser, and Lisa McGovern, had several national award winners in the FCCLA competition. The award winners were:

Digital Stories for Change: Kate Garber and Emma Howard – Gold Medal

Digital Stories for Change: Emily Gibson and Isabelle Sommer – Silver Medal

Sports Nutrition: Elise Fugett and Shyanne Gibboney – Silver Medal

Congratulations to all six students for their national competition awards in FCCLA!

This year Junior Class students will continue to take the required ACT test in the spring of the year. This continues to be a required test for all eleventh graders and will be given March 12, 2024, presently.

Our district continues to be on a rotational basis to purchase textbooks and supplemental materials beyond the required College Credit Plus textbook purchases. This year, our district purchased many new English/Language Arts textbook and materials for grades K-5. Next year we will be purchasing new social studies text and supplemental materials.

This fall will be the second year for our new state of the art Field House at the stadium. The name for the Field House again is the Wayne HealthSports/Orthopedic Associates Greenville Field House. The Field House serves our fall and spring sports well. The new facility has been well received by our students, coaches, and community.

This fall we will continue to contract with the City of Greenville to provide us with three school resource officers. One will continue to be housed at the high school while the other two will be at the K-8 facility with one floating to the high school during lunch as needed. These SROs will assist us with safety and security, but also provide educational programming. They have done an outstanding job for the district and it is our pleasure to work with the city to staff these positions. We are appreciative to continue to expand the coverage to these SROs covering all student school hours. We are also continuing to implement our Threat Assessment Teams at the high school and middle school for the second year.

As we begin a new year, remember to travel slowly on Ohio and Main Street and observe the speed limit when students are present and particularly during drop off and dismissal times at the K-8 complex, as well as the high school. Always slow down in the parking lots and follow marked traffic flow to keep everyone safe. At the K-8 complex, in front of the building, the first row of parking spaces on both sides will be reserved for visitors. Staff members assigned to these buildings will not park in these areas. All visitors must continue to enter Memorial Hall by the side door, next to the parking lot, and be buzzed in for security purposes.

Please join me in welcoming the new employees to the Greenville School District. We look forward to working with each of them in our educational delivery and are glad they have joined the Greenville School District team. The following is the list of new employees:

High School & Career Tech: Susan Bredefeld (Spanish Teacher); Bradi Baumann (Financial Business Management Instructor); Robert Livesay (Custodian); Dacoda Kaczmarek (Instrumental/General Music Teacher & Marching Band Director); Karen Maxwell (Half-time Paraprofessional Medical Specialist); Tracy Schaar (Paraprofessional); Alex Schiavone (Physical Education & Health Teacher)

Middle School: Karsyn Beyke (Middle School Language Arts Teacher); Katie Brown (5th Grade English, Math, & Social Studies Teacher); Reagan Leonard (Middle School Math Teacher); Tori Schulze (5th Grade Math & Science Teacher); Sonya Bennett-Spitler (ED Intervention Specialist)

Elementary School: Laura Donadio (Kdg. Teacher); Hilary Fourman (Kdg. Teacher); Kristen Morris (Intervention Specialist); Carla Patrick (1st Grade Teacher); Richard Salisbury (ED Intervention Specialist); Megan Stull (Paraprofessional)

This summer the district educated 190 students in Summer School with no charge for instruction. Fifty-four of these students were at the K-8 facility in early August. One hundred thirty-six students were at the high school in June and early July. This is an ongoing effort to continue to work with the state initiative of academic recovery for students. Free transportation and lunches were also available to any Summer School student who elected the service.

This year the Greenville Board of Education and district will continue to improve and provide more mental health services and support. The district will continue four contracts with Recovery and Wellness to provide mental health services. One contract is mental health counseling available for all needed students with parental permission after a screening if necessary. One day a week coordinated at the high school and the other day at the K-8 complex. The days at the K-8 may grow to 1 ½ or 2 days after the first of the year. This is a completely free program, with parent permission, during the school day. Another contract is for the student support groups for two hours a week. Also, free and during the school day with parent permission. The district will continue to employ a close to full-time social worker for the eighth year as well. This service is also free of charge during the school day with parent permission. Likewise, the district has a contract for a free coaching mentor for selected students at the high school with parental permission.

Remember, the entire Greenville School faculty and staff is here to assist you – our students, parents and community. If we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact our principals or myself. I can be reached by phone at 937-548-3185, or by email at [email protected]. Let’s all work together again to make 2023-2024 an outstanding school year. Our district wants to continue to focus on being kind, providing hope, and helping our students achieve and overcome obstacles.

Reminder, the Open House is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 24. The schedule is as follows:

Greenville Elementary School: 4:30-6 p.m.

Greenville Middle School: 5:30-7 p.m.

Greenville High School: 6:30-8 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you all this fall. Go Wave as always!

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