Mississinawa Valley, Ansonia big winners at Blackhawk Invitational


By Drew Terhall


GREENVILLE — Mississinawa Valley hosted the Blackhawk Invitational at Chenowith Trails on Sept. 9. The Lady Blackhawks took first as a team in the girls race as the Ansonia boys team took first in the boys race.

For the boys, Arcanum took second and Tri-Village took third as a team.

The high school girls started the day. From Mississinawa Valley, Rachael Philiposian took first with a time of 21:54.55. Ingrid Ojeda took eighth with a time of 23:47.43. Harley Hanes took 11th and Kayaa Mote took 12th with times of 24:27.23 and 24:36.39.

For Ansonia, Peyton Billenstein took second with a time of 22:05.72. Olivia Creager took fourth with a time of 22:28.10. Annie Bubeck took 18th with a time of 27:26.51.

For Arcanum, Arianne Garrison took third with a time of 22:21.57. Shyanna Cunningham took 16th with a time of 27:25.84. Danicka Michael took 23rd and Gabrielle Brown took 24th with times of 29:21.62 and 29:22.51.

For Bradford, Savannah Beachler took fifth and Natalie Wood took sixth with times of 22:31.97 and 23:29.86. Aaliyah Biddlestone took 30th and Daphne Lavey took 31st with times of 32:27.6 and 32:36.82.

For Tri-Village, Addison Pipenger took seventh with a time of 23:46.24. Americus Hirsch took 19th with a time of 27:31.84.

In the boys division, Ansonia runners took first, second and third. Matthew Lee took first with a time of 16:59.45. Bennett Lehman finished second with a time of 17:02.54 and Ethan Sparks took third with a time of 18:18.53.

Arcanum runners then took the next four spots. Micah Arbogast took fourth with a time of 18:28.37. Malachi Wright took fifth with a time of 18:42.52. Will Beisner took sixth with a time of 18:56.41 and Kolin Frazee took seventh with a time of 18:56.63.

For Mississinawa Valley, Daniel Hartzell took eighth with a time of 19:09.24. Caden Hanes took ninth with a time of 19:09.52.

For Tri-Village, Aden McConachie took 15th with a time of 19:43.08. Chris Brinley took 18th with a time of 20:50.18. Carsen Dyson took 22nd with a time of 22:09.41.

For Bradford, Kyree Roberts took 20th with a time of 21:16.03. Owen Beachler took 23rd with a time of 22:43.83. Stephen Stewart took 25th with a time of 23:12.44.

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