Donald Booker turns 102


GREENVILLE — Donald Booker was born to Omer and Elsie Booker on October 14, 1921 and had two older sisters. He grew up attending Ansonla Local Schools and is now the only living member of his class.

WWII began and Donald became an Army Corps of Engineers member serving on the Pacific front. He provided petroleum for airplanes and worked on building runways. During his tenure he was stationed in Austai:a, New Guinea, Kiriwina Island, the Philippines and Japan from 1942 – 1945. During that time he corresponded with June Hiatt who would become his wife in 1946.

Donald and June waited a few years thinking they could never have children, but finally Debby was born in 1951 and Craig in 1953. Both siblings graduated from Greenville High School and Bowling Green State University. Debby became an elementary teacher and Craig a banker.

In 1948, Booker joined the Greenville Police Department serving for 30 years. In that time period Greenville changed as all towns did. He saw many interesting events during his service from suicides, to fatal accidents, and worst of all a woman having been eaten by her cats. When he first joined the force, he did not carry a gun while checking alleys for unlocked doors on Broadway.

Booker is a life-time member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is proud of his service and his country.

Before breaking his hip last February, Booker lived on his own mowing his own grass and cleaning his gutters. His neighbors would call Debby to tattle on him for being atop a ladder. Since the breakage, he resides at Trustwell Living at Oakley Place.

Even at 102-years-old Booker is still sharp wilted. His desire is to be able to walk again and be more independent.

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