Jafe Decorating recognized by Ohio DD


GREENVILLE — Jafe Decorating is being recognized for developing a culture of inclusivity. They were recently recognized and praised on the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website for the work they are doing.

According to the article, Jafe Decorating has a long history of giving individuals with developmental disabilities an opportunity.

Jafe, a glass decorating company headquartered in Greenville, began hiring people with development disabilitiezs in the early 2000s when they worked with the local adult day service to get help sorting some of their products. In 2014, Capabilities contacted Jafe about pairing people with disabilities with employment opportunities.

According to the article, Jafe now has seven employees with developmental disabilities whose main job is to load glassware onto the conveyor to be painted.

In the article, Plant Manager Ed Orazen, said, “It’s just the same as your standard employee, you have to find positions that fit them just like we always do, we try to set up our teams based on common personalities.”

Orazen pointed out what Jafe is doing affects a lot of people, including the employees with disabilities, other employees, community, parents, and local high school. In his interview with Ohio Department of Development Disabilities, Orazen said, “You are impacting a whole community.”

Jafe produces 20 million pieces of glass each year with projects ranging to from small to large contracts with Bath & Body Works.

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