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No on Issue 1

To the Editor:

Issue 1 is an over-reach of government. Parental rights are at stake. Protection of children is at stake. If Issue 1 passes, minor children will be able to subject themselves, with state government approval, to the risks of chemical and surgical abortion with no parental permission nor notification necessary. Also, confused minors will be given the government’s okay to take transitioning drugs and have dangerous procedures done to their body parts in attempting to change their biological sex. Again, no parental permission nor notification will be necessary.

The only ones benefiting from Issue 1 will be abortionists, who will pocket more money from aborting bigger and more babies, and the drug industry that will receive more orders for gender-altering hormones for confused minors.

Vote NO on state Issue 1. Protect parental rights. Protect children.

Thank you.

Judy Bruns


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