Versailles boys and girls, Greenville boys cross country teams and more qualified for regionals


By Drew Terhall

CEDARVILLE — The Southwest District Cross Country Tournament took place at Cedarville University on Oct. 21. The Versailles boys cross country team were the big winners as they are the runner-up in the Division III District Tournament.

For Versailles, sophomore Tony Moorman finished fifth with a time of 16:19.4. Sophomore Zachary Rahm took 17th with a time of 17:15.5 and sophomore Marcus Briscoe took 31st with a time of 17:41.4.

Ansonia senior Matthew Lee and Ansonia freshman Bennett Lehman both also qualified individually with times of 16:55.7 and 17:13.0. Lee finish ninth and Lehman finished 15th. Ansonia finished 10th as a team.

Arcanum finished 16th as a team. Sophomore Micah Arbogast took 73rd with a time of 18:32.2. Sophomore Will Beisner took 75th with a time of 18:32.9 and sophomore Malachi Wright took 92nd with a time of 18:49.3.

Franklin Monroe finished 20th as a team. Junior Sam Haney took 85th with a time of 18:43.8. Junior Parker Patrick took 95th with a time of 18:50.5 and freshman Owen Hosler took 120th with a time of 19:50.9.

Tri-Village finished 21st as a team. Sophomore Chris Brinley took 68th with a time of 18:26.1. Junior Aden McConachie took 86th with a time of 18:43.9 and freshman Carsen Dyson took 144th with a time of 21:16.7.

For Mississinawa Valley, junior Daniel Hartzell and freshman Caden Hanes took 80th and 81st with times of 18:39.2 and 18:39.3. For Bradford, freshman Kyree Roberts took 141st with a time of 20:52.3. Junior Stephen Stewart took 154th with a time of 21:54.3 and senior Owen Beachler took 157th with a time of 22:02.9.

In the girls Division III race, Versailles took fourth and will move on to regionals. Senior Meredith Barga took 15th with a time of 20:22.2. Freshman Ava Rismiller and junior Gabrielle Spitzer took 29th and 30th with times of 21:16.2 and 21:19.4.

Mississinawa Valley freshman Rachael Philiposian took 27th and qualified for regionals with a time of 21:08.5. Mississinawa Valley finished 11th as a team. Senior Ingrid Ojeda finished 39th with a time of 22:07.8.

Franklin Monroe finished 12th as a team. Freshman Sydney Baker took 46th with a time of 22:25.5. Freshman Sami Stull took 58th with a time of 22:57.9. Freshmen Hannah Wolfe and Mia Brookey took 67th and 68th with times of 23:20.2 and 23:23.3.

Ansonia finished 15th as a team. Sophomore Olivia Creager took 40th with a time of 22:11.5. Senior Peyton Billenstein took 62nd with a time of 23:10.4 and sophomore Irene Tovar Tejedor took 101st with a time of 24:45.5.

For Arcanum, senior Arianne Garrison took 85th with a time of 24:03.1. Freshman Danicka Michael took 137th with a time of 27:55.6 and sophomore Gabrielle Brown took 140th with a time of 28:44.9. For Bradford, freshman Savannah Beachler took 53rd with a time of 22:49.1. Freshman Natalie Wood took 86th with a time of 24:05.1 and freshman Aaliyah Biddlestone took 131st with a time of 27:09.7. For Tri-Village, freshman Addison Pipenger took 105th with a time of 24:55.7.

In the Southwest Division II races, the Greenville boys team finished sixth and qualified for regionals. Junior Trey Rammel took 33rd with a time of 17:35.6 and sophomore Coleman McNulty took 34th with a time of 17:42.5. Sophomore Owen Marker took 49th with a time of 18:15.2.

In the Southwest Division I races, the Greenville girls team finished 13th. Freshman Clair Rammel finished 63rd with a time of 22:11.5. Sophomore Ava Glass and junior Jenica Feitshans took 75th and 76th with times of 22:43.3 and 22:43.6.

Those who qualified for regionals will compete at Troy High School on Oct. 28. All three divisions will take place on the same day at Troy.

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