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Support for Prakel

Dear Editor

We are writing to wholeheartedly recommend Christy Prakel for the.upcoming Versailles School Board position in our community. We have had the privilege of knowing Christy for twenty five plus years and we firmly believe that her qualifications, dedication, and passion make her an ideal candidate for this crucial role.

Christy is our next door neighbor and we have watched her raise five smart and successful children. We believe that it would be extremely valüable to have a mother’s perspective on our school board. Christy has served on various committees in the school system and community. Christy is currently the executive director of the Darke County Foundation with a board of twenty trustees. This shows that she has great experience working with community leaders in a professional capacity.

Christy possesses excellent communication skills, which are essential for effective school board representation. She is adept at articulating her ideas, actively listening to concerns, and fostering meaningful dialogue among educators, parents, and community members. We are confident that she would communicate the needs. and aspirations. of the school community to ensure a well-rounded educational experience for every student.

Thank you for considering our recommendation for the upcoming school board position.

We believe that with Christy Prakel on the school board, we can strive for a brighter future for our students and the entire community.


James and Julia Poeppelman,


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