Oak Grove burials


GREENVILLE — Oak Grove Cemetery, Neave Township, Darke County is listing is burials for 2023.

Listed by name and date buried:

Carolyn Jean Burrow, Jan 4; Benjamin H. Hanish, Jan 28; Duane Raymond Edwards, Jan 29; Betty L. Fox, Feb 3; Daniel Arthur Nealeigh III, March 11; Edward Doseck, May 9; Duane Elden Byers Sr, May 16; Mary Louise Miller, May 15; Chester Dean Burns, July 12; Lawrence Campbell Jr, July 13; Alfred Allen Hayes, Sept 8; David Warren, Oct 28; Robert Wesley Boyd Sr, Nov 20; Marvin Shuttleworth, Nov 23; Sara Gene Bugher, Dec 5; David Allen Laughhead Sr, Dec. 26.

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