Remembering the Blizzard of 1978


By Vickie Rhodehamel

Arcanum News

Last week on January 25 was the 46th anniversary of the biggest winter storm so far in my life and probably yours as well. The “Great Blizzard of 1978” hit the Ohio Miami Valley on January 25-27. The storm dumped vast amounts of snow (in some areas up to three feet of snow) with near hurricane-strength wind gusts heaping snow into enormous drifts up to fifteen feet tall. Many remember it well. The storm arrived overnight and by morning a full blizzard had crippled the area. Temperatures plunged 30 degrees in just 2 hours with ferocious winds whipping snow drifts as tall as a house, and extreme cold froze the region; temperatures were near zero with wind chills between -40 and -50. This remains the worst blizzard to strike Ohio in modern times. In the end, 70 people died during the storm – 51 of them here in Ohio alone. President Jimmy Carter declared Ohio a national disaster area, the Ohio National Guard was brought in to help dig out the roads where it was not uncommon to have snow piled up higher than a school bus on the sides of the roads, many roads were also only one lane after they were cleared. Do you remember where you were when the storm hit? Were you without power and heat during that time? How many days were you snowed in?

The Arcanum High School Student Council is collecting pop tabs to support our local Ronald McDonald House. Bring your pop tabs to the Arcanum-FM Boys Basketball game on February 2 at Arcanum (JV start time 6 p.m.) The group will continue to collect pop tabs until April 15th so you can bring them into the school until that time. The students want to thank you in advance for your help with their community service project. Ronald McDonald House is a local program making a “home away from home” that provides housing for families of seriously ill children while they are being treated in nearby hospitals at no charge.

Again, this year, the Arcanum Alumni Advisory Board is committed plans to give away five $1500 alumni scholarships at graduation in 2024. Your donations to make this possible are welcomed. Your deduction is tax-deductible as the Association is now a 501(c) 3 organization. The alumni association began awarding scholarships to graduating seniors in 1966 and to date has awarded over $182,000 to 186 students.

The Arcanum Alumni Association Advisory Committee is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Pay It Forward Scholarship in addition to the regular Alumni Scholarships will be awarded to a member of the class of 2024. This scholarship will be for $1500.00. Donations are currently being sought from the alumni database for the funds to award this scholarship. When you donate, funding for scholarship programs allows hardworking and deserving students to manage their costs while continuing their education in a high-quality setting. Not only are you investing in the students when you donate to your alma mater, but you also create a legacy for the generations to come. They will honor all donors at the annual event in our program and on the new Facebook group page, Arcanum Alumni Association. Please note that we have established the following giving levels: General donor ($1-$49), Active donor ($50-$99), Bronze donor ($100-$249), Silver donor ($250-$499), Gold donor $500-$999) and Trojan donor ($1000 and up). If you have any questions, you may contact their treasurer, Denise Swabb 937/459-9081 or reach out to Chairperson Vickie Rhodehamel 937-423-3763; or via their email address: [email protected].

How can you help? Please mail your donation to Denise Swabb, Treasurer, Arcanum Alumni Association, 2011 Trojan Avenue, Arcanum, Ohio. The 2023 scholarship recipients were:

Charlie Barry, Elanie Hollinger, Nate Kessler, Mariah Kreusch, Claire Lemons; Pay It Forward – Ashton Paul, 50-yr class – Jacob Rice; and the winner of the Ted Murphy Scholarship was Brooklyn Miras.

Chick-Fil-A sandwiches will again be available at the Arcanum boys’ JV/Varsity basketball contest on Friday, February 2nd at the concession stand. The Arcanum Alumni Association and the Arcanum Athletic Booster Club have partnered to bring you a healthier option this year at the concession stand on Friday nights. All proceeds benefit our athletes and students in many different areas. Both organizations thank you for your support!

Congratulations to Arcanum-Butler students who participated recently in the District XI Honor Choir Festival at Indian Lake High School! It was a 2-day event with practice on Saturday and a performance on Sunday that included four songs per ensemble. Representing Arcanum from the Junior High were Alyssandra Abelquist, Lexi Armstrong, Khloe Letart, Lailee McCubbin, and Ashley Stephens; and from the High School – Jaelynn Hatfield and Kaitylnn Lipps. The JH students were nominated by Choir Director, Jessica Berry and the HS students auditioned to be in the choir. Thank you, Mrs. Berry, for all your efforts and fantastic job choir members!

“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.” ~Sara Coleridge

“Winters are not an accident. Winters are not a punishment. Winters are intentional.” ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

“It literally feels like January 74th!” ~anonymous

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