MV announces BPA qualifiers


UNION CITY — Mississinawa Valley High School is pleased to announce its Business Professionals of America (BPA) state qualifiers. The state contests will be held March 7 and 8 in Columbus.

Accounting – Lila Foster, first; Iris Schneider, second

Payroll Accounting – Christina Mangen, first; Diana Rodriguez, third

Integrated Office – Rachael Philiposian, first; Danika Neargarder, third

Fundamental Word Processing – Liam Jones, second

Intermediate Word Processing – Caylyn Monticue, first; Maia Wisner, third

Presentation Individual – First place, Hilda Rodriguez, Fundamental Accounting Students

Administrative Support Team – First place – Connor Hardy, Mateo Castro Weiss, Ty Houser, and Hunter Cox

Economic Research Team – First place – Emma Brock and Gentry Newbauer

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