Union City man arrested for child pornography


UNION CITY — The Union City Police Department has announced the arrest of Christian Seelen, a resident of Union City, following an investigation into allegations of possession of child pornography.

The arrest comes after investigators received a tip indicating that Seelen was in possession of illegal material involving minors. Subsequently, a thorough investigation was launched, culminating in the execution of a search warrant at Seelen’s residence in the 600 block of East Main Street by the Union City Police Department S.E.T.T.

During the execution of the search warrant, several electronic devices were seized as potential evidence. These devices will undergo forensic analysis at the Ohio Bureau of Investigations and Identification to gather the extent of Seelen’s alleged criminal activities.

Christian Seelen was placed under arrest and has been preliminarily charged with Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving a Juvenile and Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor.

“The Union City Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, especially our most vulnerable members,” stated Director of Public Safety Mark Ater. “We take allegations involving child exploitation very seriously and will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute such crimes.”

Christian Seelen’s arrest serves as a reminder that law enforcement agencies are dedicated to pursuing justice for victims of child exploitation and holding offenders accountable for their actions.

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