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Bennett knows all aspects of office

Dear Editor:

I worked with Jim Bennett at The Darke County Prosecutors Office from 2019 to 2021 where I was a member of the support staff. I am writing this letter to encourage citizens of Darke County to vote for James Bennett on March 19th as our next Prosecuting Attorney.

During my employment with the prosecutor’s office, I worked with Jim daily. I witnessed his dedication and professionalism while performing his duties in his position as assistant prosecutor. As the cover prosecutor, Jim handled his own caseload as well as court or any other appointments for the other prosecutors during their absence from the office or any time they had conflicting schedules. Jim has been considered a utility prosecutor, which means he is well versed in all aspects within the office, from handling issues for elected officials, county boards and townships, or his own criminal caseload. Jim is always prepared. His experience expands several decades which ensures that he is qualified to handle any situation that arises within the prosecutor’s office with confidence and expertise.

Please join me in supporting James Bennett as our next Darke County Prosecutor by casting your vote for him on March 19, 2024.

Katy Linkous

New Madison

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