Osgood Bank reopens in Indian Lake


INDIAN LAKE — Since tornados devastated the Indian Lake region last Thursday evening, the Osgood Bank Lakeview branch has been non-operational. Although the area is without power and communications are limited, the bank’s branch is secure. A disaster response plan was initiated, and the branch will reopened with limited operations starting on Tuesday, March 19.

· Until further notice, office hours at the Indian Lake branch will be 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday – Friday.

· Cash and check deposits will be accepted.

· For security purposes, cash withdrawals will be limited to a $500 maximum. Cash withdrawals over $500 can be made at one of their other three locations.

· Larger cash orders for business customers can be coordinated with bank staff if necessary, using armored car services.

· Given limited power resources, the branch ATM will not be available until utilities are fully restored.

· The bank’s ATM at the Village of Waynesfield Municipal Building is operational and can be accessed during village operating hours.

Osgood Bank is doing the following to support bank customers of the Indian Lake branch and community:

· Refunding internal and third-party ATM fees.

· Working with loan customers on payment deferrals and refunding overdraft fees to impacted businesses and families.

· Providing a portion of the bank’s parking lot to Christian Aid response teams serving food and water to first responders and contractors.

· Donating office space, which is owned by the bank, to emergency service resources from the state of Ohio and the United Way, both of whom are providing support to victims.

· Collecting donations, both monetary and physical items needed by shelters, at the bank’s locations in Osgood, Fort Loramie and Chickasaw.

· Working to identify funds available to victims using various state and federal programs.

Osgood Bank will continue to work diligently to fully restore our operations, while at the same time partnering with the community in recovery efforts. For Osgood Bank customers that require assistance with banking or loans, please call the bank’s call center at 419.582.2681 or visit our website at www.osgoodbank.com.

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