Whirlpool Foundation names scholarship recipients


BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — The Whirlpool Foundation announced thatit has awarded 30 scholarships to the students of Whirlpool Corporation employees through the Sons and Daughters College and Vocational Training Scholarship program. The scholarship program is in its 72nd year and has historically focused on traditional four-year colleges/universities. Beginning last year, the program was expanded to meet the post-secondary educational needs of students pursuing a vocational or technical career as well.

These scholarships celebrate the best and brightest among high school seniors across Whirlpool Corp. locations – including the company’s 10 U.S. manufacturing communities. The Whirlpool Foundation provides these scholarships through a competitive process in which children of more than 20,000 U.S. Whirlpool Corporation employees are eligible to apply.

“Each year we are honored to invest in the future of our employee’s children through the Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program,” said Deb O’Connor, managing director of the Whirlpool Foundation. “The scholarship has a real impact toward helping to pay for the education needed to start the career of their dreams. ”

The following children of local Whirlpool Corporation employees have been selected to receive a 2024 scholarship:

* Haylee Potter, child of Chad Potter

* Makayla Stachler, child of Shawna Stachler

The Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program has provided more than 2,600 scholarships and honor awards totaling over $18 million, with more than 100 scholarship and award recipients currently attending colleges, universities and vocational schools across the U.S. Children of any full-time Whirlpool Corporation employee at the director level and below are eligible. Students pursuing a 4 year degree will receive $30,000 over 4 years and students working toward a 2 year vocational degree will receive $15,000 over 2 years toward their respective educational costs. Students must maintain a 2.8 grade point average to maintain their scholarship.

About the Whirlpool Foundation:

Since 1952, the Whirlpool Foundation has been making a real, positive difference in local communities where Whirlpool Corporation families live and work. This is accomplished through two central pillars, House + Home. “House” supports a decent and affordable place to live and plan for the future, and “Home” focuses on creating thriving, resilient communities through education and neighborhood revitalization. The Foundation is committed to equality and fairness for everyone, and this includes Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). It takes an innovative approach to social investing that prioritizes impact with measurable, positive results.

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