Midwest Kidney Donor Games set


HAMILTON — The National Kidney Registry is pleased to announce its second Donor Games Regional competition to showcase the fitness of living kidney and liver donors and raise awareness about the need for living donors nationwide.

The Donor Games Regional competitions are the latest in the Donor Games family of events, which include Donor Games Open remote competitions, in which athletes complete a designated workout and submit a video for a chance to win a cash prize, and the invitation-only Donor Games Championship, held annually in Greenwich, CT, for the top-performing living donor athletes, transplant recipients, and transplant industry professionals.

The Donor Games Midwest Regional will be held at Mahon Strength & Fitness in Hamilton, OH, on July 20, 2024 (https://mahonstrengthandfitness.com). The event will be hosted by living kidney donor and frequent Donor Games Open competitor Mimi Mahon, who donated a kidney through the National Kidney Registry’s paired donation program in January 2017 to enable her mother to receive a kidney transplant.

“I am very excited to host the Donor Games Midwest Regional to bring together donors, recipients, medical professionals, family and friends in the surrounding area to both celebrate those who have donated and received a kidney, but also raise awareness for those who are in need,” said Mahon.

“Our goal for this event is to showcase that donating a kidney does not have a negative impact on one’s overall health and fitness. In fact, the power of giving to others can lead to an even more fulfilled life. By bringing people together through a shared enthusiasm for fitness and competition, we hope to inspire others to consider donating in the future and share the message to share your spare because one is more than enough!”

The event is open to all living donors, transplant recipients, and interested athletes. Registration is $5 per competitor in the Living Donor and Transplant Recipient categories and $25 per competitor in the General category.

The competition includes three CrossFit-inspired workouts. Cash prizes of $100 to $500 will be awarded to the top three male and female competitors.

“The National Kidney Registry launched the Donor Games in 2020 in response to the generally held belief that donating a kidney would negatively affect the donor’s health,” said Garet Hil, Founder and CEO of the National Kidney Registry. “Over the past three years, through more than a dozen Donor Games Open competitions, three Donor Games Championships, and over 180 incredible performances by more than 60 amazing living donor athletes, we have proven not only that living donors are capable of amazing athletic achievements but also that living donation can actually improve the donor’s health, mental state, and quality of life.”

For more information on the Donor Games Midwest Regional, visit the Donor Games website.

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