Greenville Police Blotter


By Meladi Brewer

May 7

DISORDERLY: At 10:26 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Broadway Street in reference to an instance of disorderly conduct. The female complainant who stated she had been involved in a physical confrontation with an unknown woman. She and her partner said that after 10 p.m. while crews were clearing the roads after the recent tornado, they observed a woman in the roadway near one of the crews. They believed the woman was getting in the way of the crew, so they yelled from their yard at her to get out of the roadway and to go home. As a result, the confronted them in their yard which resulted in the complainant being punched and pushed down before the woman left the area. The complainant advised she had pain as a result of the incident but refused medical treatment. A male witness who witnessed a portion of the altercation and recognized the unknown woman identified her as Amber Shepherd. He confirmed she did push and punch the complainant. Officers made contact with Shepherd, and she advised she had left her residence and walked down the street to assess the damage the tornado had created to the neighborhood. While she was assessing the damage, the complainant yelled at her to go home and stop being nosy in her neighborhood. She said when Shepherd confronted the complainant, the male pushed her in the chest with his fingers followed by the female pushing her as well causing her to push them back before leaving the area. Her son confirmed that had occurred. No physical injuries were observed on any of the involved parties though the complainant did have mud on her leg. The complainant stated a Darke County Sheriff Deputy was an additional witness, but he denied having been present during the incident. The complainant advised she would like to file charges against Shepherd for the incident, and she was advised that all parties will receive citations as a result. On May 12th contact was attempted to be made with the complainant and her partner. The complainant called the officers at a later time to report she did not want to pursue charges anymore after all citations had already been completed pending being served. Emily Fetters, Kevin Siefring, and Shepherd were all given citations.

May 17

NOISE COMP: At 7:25 a.m. officers were dispatched to the 300 block of West Water Street in reference to a loud noise complaint involving the suspect Jaden Johnson. While in route to the scene, officers were notified Johnson was currently inside his residence. The victim stated during the early morning hours, Johnson was operating his vehicle and purposely stopping in front of the victim’s residence with the vehicle’s radio emitting a loud volume of sound, along with Johnson repeatedly utilizing the vehicle’s horn. The noise caused annoyance and woke the victim’s toddler and newborn baby from sleep. A year ago Johnson had previously harassed the victims by vandalizing their residence, playing loud music, and following the victim throughout Greenville in his vehicle. The victims are in the process of filing a protection order against Johnson. Contact with Johnson was made, and he admitted to operating the vehicle in the area while blaring music and honking his horn at his “buddy”, who was outside. Johnson was not able to provide the name of his buddy. He also stated the speakers to his vehicle’s radio system are currently disconnected, thus his vehicle could not have been emitting the loud volume of sound. A witness advised they hear Johnson honking his horn and blaring music. Another witness approached officers during the investigation to advise Johnson drove past his house using the horn to get his attention as they are friends. This witness is also scheduled to appear in court for disorderly conduct and one count of trespass. Johnson was issued a misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct, and due to the incident occurring within 1,000 feet of a school, the degree of the offense was enhanced to a fourth degree.

May 21

911 HANG UP: At 11:04 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of East Russ Road in reference to a 911 hang up, later discovered to be a CPO violation. Brad Smith answered the door with his right hand holding his left arm. His left arm was dripping blood, and his upper left back had a deep laceration on it. He stated that he had fallen in the shower breaking the soap holder, cutting his left forearm and back. The shower did have a broken soap holder, along with large amounts of blood. Both he and the female witness stated there was no altercation between them and the injuries were a result of his fall. Smith was found to have an active protection order against him from the female witness stating he is not to be within 75 yards of her or in the residence. He was transported to the hospital, and he will be incarcerated for protection order violation once treated. The female refused to fill out a witness statement, or a victim’s right form.

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