Greenville Police Blotter


By Meladi Brewer

May 20

DOMESTIC: An officer responded to the Greenville Police Department in reference to a physical domestic. The female complainant stated an hour prior she and her live-in boyfriend Steven Kuhn were in a verbal argument that started in the bathroom over her dirty laundry being left on the floor. She said he began yelling at her and continued to step closer. She advised she hit him in the chest three times to push him away, and after she did this, Kuhn then grabbed her by the arms and aggressively shoved her backwards. She lost her balance and fell, hitting her head on the edge of the stove. Kuhn then left the residence. After leaving, he sent her threatening text messages and stated he knew she was talking to the police. Kuhn was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the jail.

May 24

WANTED PERSON: At 5:03 p.m. officers responded to the 1100 block of Howard Drive to serve a Felony Arrest Warrant to Mark Barberine for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. The original charge of Grand Theft x3, Misuse of a Credit Card, and Passing Checks, no bond. He was arrested and transported to the jail.

May 25

DOMESTIC: At 10:55 a.m. officers responded to the 200 block of Central Avenue in reference to a physical domestic. Upon arrival, officers observed a white female sitting next to a black male sitting in a lawn chair on the front porch. As they continued up the front steps, they observed three open beer cans next to approximately eight more unopened sitting beside the male. Due to the nature of the domestic, officers gave Darnell Hicks a weapons pat down and detained him. The female said the two of them were arguing over money when Hicks attempted to backhand her across the face. She had injuries to the left side of her nose. Hicks requested a written statement so he could file domestic charges against her. He was taken out of the handcuffs and given the statement with a pen before advising officers he “has been drinking” and is unable to write and no longer wanted to fill out the written statement. the female stated this is the second time he has been physical with her, and she wanted him out of the residence. Due to her injuries and statement, Hicks was placed under arrest and transported to the jail.

May 27

WANTED PERSON: At 2:17 p.m officers apprehended a known wanted person near the intersection of Wayne Street and Union Street. Paul Brown Jr. had a felony warrant for drug trafficking through the Darke County Sheriff’s Office with no bond. He was arrested and transported to the jail where he was released to the jail staff.

May 28

WANTED PERSON: At 11:34 a.m. officers apprehended a wanted person in the 500 block of East Third Street. Chelsea Waldon had a felony warrant through the Darke County Sheriffs Office for a Probation Violation on the original charge of drugs. She was arrested and transported to the jail.

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