Ohio House condemns China


COLUMBUS — State Representatives Roy Klopfenstein (R-Haviland) and Angie King (R-Celina) announced that the Ohio House passed House Concurrent Resolution 11, condemning the People’s Republic of China for its role in the global drug trade.

The fentanyl crisis has inflicted great harm on communities across Ohio, leading to a staggering number of overdoses, deaths, and immeasurable suffering for families. According to the Ohio Department of Health, fentanyl is the cause of 80% of unintentional overdoses in Ohio.

“Today, my colleagues and I clearly communicated that Ohio will not tolerate China’s role in killing Ohioans,” said Klopfenstein.

“China is the primary country of origin for illicit fentanyl trafficked into the United States,” King added. “Congress needs to take action against China to eliminate the drug crisis they’re sponsoring in the U.S.”

HCR 11 now heads to the Ohio Senate for consideration.

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