Sound Bath and Plein-Air Painting coming to GPL


GREENVILLE — On Tuesday, July 9, Greenville Public Library welcomes facilitator Michelle Hickman, MS, owner of Sense of Healing, for a sound and art journey, where color dances with form. During this meditation, they will get grounded and connected, then create an abstract watercolor. The program will begin at 1 p.m. on the library lawn.

Intuitive painting is a gentle but powerful way to access your inner world, allowing your right and left brain to begin to work together. This experience will help to harmonize your inner state, as you gain skills and practice becoming calmer and more peaceful in the moment.

Creating art is the easiest way to meditate, because you are allowing the “doing” to guide you into the meditative state, rather than sitting still and trying to stop the mind. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, you will be guided into unexplored landscapes within you, as you get lost in colors flowing into other colors, layering on top of each other, and creating a kaleidoscope of light and form, just like you.

Anyone of any skill level is welcome at this event, including beginners! No experience is needed, and with a little guidance your creativity will flow. All materials are included. Registration is required for this event by calling (937) 548-3915.

Those who would especially benefit from and appreciate this journey include: people who want an exciting, fun, and more effective way to practice self-care; those looking for daily motivation that will inspire them to build a healthier lifestyle; anyone interested in crafting a short wellness routine that actually fits into a busy lifestyle with ease; a person interested in well-being practices that allow them to become more present, focused, and elevate their mood; someone that wants to try different holistic classes, anywhere and anytime; and everyone that would like to unleash their inner peace, strength and vitality.

In her art and wellness studio, Hickman unites several modalities in an intuitive flow to support self-healing and expansion of consciousness. As an intuitive guide and mixed-media artist, she realizes that energetic pathways are a part of all life!

Hickman has developed many of the tools and practices she now incorporates by seeking healing for herself for over a decade. She offers private and group sessions to help your body relax, so your mind can focus. Included are: Workshops and Day Retreats with Meditation Art with Sound Integration; Sound Bath with Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and gongs; Body Tune-ups and Biofield Tuning; Mindfulness Practice; and Cacao Experience.

For more information on Hickman and her offerings, visit her Facebook page, Sense of Healing. To get in touch with her, you can email her at [email protected].

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