Greenville boys basketball continues to build up the program with youth camp


GREENVILLE — The Greenville High School boys basketball program hosted their youth camp from June 18-20 at the middle school. Kids grades kindergarten through sixth grade learned basic fundamentals from the Greenville coaching staff and high school players.

Greenville boys basketball head coach Matt Hamilton said it’s fun to see the young kids participate in the camp. It’s a chance to start coaching up future Green Wave players.

“We keep using the phrase that we’re building blocks. Getting these young kids involved. Get them to play the game, have fun and learn the fundamentals. Every year, build on it. That’s how we’re going to build a program,” Hamilton said.

The kids learned the basic fundamentals of rebounding, ball handling, passing and proper shooting form through different drills and games during the three days.

The high school players got to lead some of the groups and had fun alongside the campers. Hamilton said after the high school and middle school teams went through a camp of their own, they got some of those guys to come back to help out with the younger kids.

“We’ve had much better numbers all the way through. We had a high school and middle school program last week. We some of those guys back involved helping out with the little kids. The little kids look up to these guys. Whether they know it or not, they know their names and they look up to them. It’s fun to see them here helping,” Hamilton said.

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