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By Meladi Brewer

June 13

DOMESTIC: At 7:43 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Sater Street on a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the female half involved stated she and her husband got into an argument about the house being hot. She was upset over trying to get the windows open, and she started yelling at him to move the couch so she could get behind it to open the window. During this process she fell into the window breaking the glass, she did have cuts to her arm that were bleeding. She stated she did not need medical treatment. There was no physical dispute. The husband stated she was under the influence of alcohol and broke the window. He wanted her to get charged for the damage, and the husband was advised that the house is also her’s and she cannot be charged for breaking her own property. The husband also told officers nothing had been physical and they were no longer needed. Both parties were advised to quit arguing and to stay separated.

June 15

PURSUIT: At 9:39 a.m. officers observed a motorcycle without a license plate fail to signal a turn from Martin Street onto North Ohio Street before doing wheelies on the roadway. A traffic stop was attempted, but the driver, later identified as Wyatt Hilderbrand, failed to comply and accelerated to over 100 mph. After a while, the Darke County Sheriffs Office took over the pursuit. Officers later rejoined the pursuit, and Hilderbrand began swerving back and forth in what appeared to be an attempt to strike the officer’s cruiser. He continued south before crashing the motorcycle near the intersection of Wilson Drive and North Broadway Street while attempting to turn east onto a bike path. He was arrested and placed into two pairs of handcuffs, and it was discovered his driver’s license was under multiple suspensions including a non-compliance suspension from Oct. 2, 2020 to indefinite. He signed a refusal from medical transport and was taken to the jail. In jail he started complaining of pain. He was transported to the hospital and medically cleared. He was taken back to the jail, and the motorcycle was towed. He was charged with failure to comply, driving under suspension, reckless operation, failure to display, no turn signal, and failure to control. The failure to comply was enhanced to a felony of the third degree due to his reckless driving, putting himself and bystanders in danger during the pursuit.

IDENTITY THEFT: Officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Benden Way in reference to an identify theft complaint. The male victim stated he had received a phone call stating he won $500,000 and a new car. The female on the phone call had him send $20 for an initial fee, $200 for a fee, $150 for an activation fee, and $50 for a guard fee for the vehicle through Apple Pay. The victim stated he sent the money on June 14, and while he was in conversation with the female, she asked him to send the activation codes for four gift cards, which he did. The victim contacted Apple and was advised they would reimburse him for $400 of the $420 he sent. He was given a report number and advised officers that he already blocked the number. An attempt to contact the number was made with no answer.

June 16

DOMESTIC: At 9:27 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Washington Avenue in reference to a domestic violence. The female advised she and the male had a verbal altercation while they were on their way to drop a vehicle off at the male’s mother’s house. The female advised the argument started because the male was talking badly about Greenville. She stated he advised her to stop the vehicle and let him out while they were driving on Gray Avenue. She advised she let him out at the first stop sign they came to, and he began walking away. She returned home to her residence when the male called her and asked her to bring him his wallet. She advised she brought him his wallet and returned home once again and locked the door. He came to the residence that they share and began banging on the door. She advised she did not open the door for him because he has locked her out in the past. The female advised he grabbed a curtain rod and he advised he was going to break a window to get into his own house. She advised they both calmed down, and she allowed him back into the house just prior to the officer’s arrival. The female and male advised the altercation was just verbal, and they share a child who was present during the altercation.

June 17

DISORDERLY: At 7:20 p.m. officers were dispatched to the 800 block of Sweitzer Street on a female being disorderly. The hospital staff advised that Trenda Campbell was inside the hospital being disorderly and making threats toward staff. Witnesses said they saw the doctor go into the room with Campbell, and then the doctor came running out with Campbell following yelling threats. When speaking with Campbell, she stated she thought the doctor was trying to tell her that she had less time with a loved one than she was previously told, and she never made threats to the doctor and remained calm. Due to multiple witness statements from hospital staff, Campbell was issued a citation for disorderly and trespassed from the hospital.

PURSUIT: At 7:53 p.m. officers observed a red GMC registered to Teddy Thorn traveling west bound and a traffic stop was attempted after it failed to signal a left turn onto Elm Street. Thorn failed to comply and the vehicle’s speed was approximately 25 mph. It continued to the parking lot of Wayne Hospital before parking in a space. Officers advised Thorn to exit the vehicle 13 times, but he refused and attempted to hand officers his registration. Thorn eventually exited the vehicle and stood outside. He was asked to put his hands behind his back three times and refused. He resisted arrest, but officers were able to get him into hand cuffs. When asked why he did not stop when officers engaged their overhead emergency lists, he stated he did not feel safe and that he was poisoned. A wallet was located, and inside were two clear bags containing a while crystal substance. Thorn advised it was meth, and a tow truck arrived on scene to take the vehicle. Thorn advised he wanted medical attention because he thought he was poisoned, and he was taken in to be examined. Thorn was issued a citation for resisting arrest, failure to comply with the signal of a peace officer, and failing to signal a turn. He was crystal substance weighed in at three grams, and was placed into evidence. Once cleared by the hospital, he was transported to the jail.

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