APS forms to preserve City Hall

ARCANUM – The Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society will be hosting the recently formed Arcanum Preservation Society on March 12, 7 p.m., at 123 W. George St. Join them to hear a short history of the City Hall and Opera House and a look to the future for this Grand Lady of Arcanum. Learn how APS hopes to make it the center piece of Arcanum again.

Located at the corner of W South and High Streets it was built for the use of the village and Twin Township. The first floor of the building was center for community and township business, the fire department and the police. The second and third floors were the Opera House, the heart of the town. Local and national entertainment draw big crowds, school functions as well as community social activities took place with inside its walls.

Arcanum Preservation Society (APS) formed this past year after the Village of Arcanum announced plans to build a new town hall rather than renovating the current building which was built in 1889. APS, working with the Village and Twin Township, will take on the process of restoring the historic building and turning it back into an asset for the community. To complete this goal APS has begun the process of becoming a nonprofit by establishing a Board of Directors, registering with the state, ratifying bylaws and other necessary steps. They hope to have completed this process by the time the Village releases the building later this spring.

The presenters for the evening will be Dave Kessler, president, Jim Piel, vice-president and Angela Herron, chair of the Communications, Events and Social Presence committee. They will discuss the steps that have been taken, the group’s mission, goals as an organization for the project, upcoming events, and community involvement. They will take questions at the end of the presentation.

Learn about the historical society’s reference and research library, programs and activities or becoming a member visit their website www.awths.org.

Anyone interested in getting involved with APS as a member, volunteer, or sponsor should contact arcanumpreservationsociety@gmail.com.