The Focus


Have you ever witnessed a scene like this? Desperate young parents are frantically searching a large department store for their two-year child.

Somehow, somewhere, their precious baby had wandered off when they were looking at new furniture. Store security is collecting information from the panicked parents … strangers join the search efforts … the young mother is on the verge of hysteria.

Without warning, a grandmotherly woman walks into view with the child in her arms. She has saved the day! But even as the little boy sees his mother … he continues to sob uncontrollably. The fear he has felt that he has lost his mommy and daddy is all consuming. Between sobs, he literally struggles to breathe. Your heart goes out to both the child and the parents.

An event such as this happened to my wife and I when our youngest daughter was around 4-years old. We lost her in a football stadium! It took several minutes of frantic searching before we were able to locate her. The reunion was so sweet!

Have you ever pictured yourself as a lost child desperately fighting to breathe … all the while longing for the arms of your loving Father?

That’s an incredible portrait of our dependence on God that we should never outgrow.

Run to His arms … and take a deep breath!

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for You, O God!” – Psalm 42:1

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