New campsites, roadway upgrades improve camping experience at Eldora Speedway


ROSSBURG– Improved roadways and 350 new campsites have been added to Eldora Village in time for the 45th World 100 on Sept. 10-11-12 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg.

The gravel roads also were added for the Northside Camp and Park. The roads will make it easier for the thousands of campers Eldora attracts throughout the year.

“We had so much rain this summer. Especially, in July, it was the wettest one on record since 1875,” said Roger Slack, general manager of Eldora. “Our team and our community came together to pull off the Kings Royal and the Mud Summer Classic within five days. We laid gravel down that week to help our campers and our fans really appreciated it. Since then, we’ve gone though and redone much of that, building proper roadways, improving drainage and reworking the landscape. Our campers are our most dedicated fans and we want to take care of them.”

The World 100 is Eldora’s biggest race and campsites are filling up so fast that 350 campsites were added to Eldora Village just last week, which sits just to the west of the half-mile clay oval.

“Drivers are filing their entries. People are seeing commercials on TV and hearing them on the radio. Travelers are seeing billboards throughout the Midwest. Social media is buzzing. The demand for tickets and camping is unprecedented,” Slack said. “Earl Baltes made this the biggest dirt late model race in 1971 and it’s kept growing. We are stewards of this race and we also want our fans to be happy as well.”

Baltes made Eldora a special place and Tony Stewart and staff have upgraded it since buying it in 2004.

A video board, now with high definition has been added, along with new catch fencing, suites in turn three and a new media center, care center and concession stand in the infield. Little Eldora also was added in the last 10 years.

“We have made upgrades in the last few years and this was part of it,” Slack said. “We hear from our fans via social media, letters, phone calls and we respond to them. We want the whole weekend to be a good experience for them.”

The World 100 will have the largest dirt late model purse since The Million in 2001 at Eldora.

A total of $318,580 will be available with $48,000 going to the winner of the 100-lap race. Baltes posted $4,000 for the winner of the first World 100 in 1971 and then added $1,000 each year following.

The race set for Sept. 10, 11 and 12 and entry blanks are posted at

Tickets for the World 100 or any other event can be purchased at or by calling 937-338-3815.

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