Marijuana plants located during eradication


AUGLAIZE COUNTY – Sheriff Solomon reported that the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office along with the Auglaize Mercer County Grand Lake Drug Task Force and Ohio B.C.I. agents located approximately 75 marijuana plants in Auglaize County this week.

The eradication efforts took place over two days in Mercer and Auglaize County.

In connection with tips from local farmers and the use of a helicopter from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office a total of 75 marijuana plants were found in standing corn fields and some in a garden area of a residence in Auglaize County. The plants pulled range in size from very small to over 3 feet tall and would have yielded several pounds of marijuana valued at approximately $75,000.

“Marijuana is illegal to possess, sell or grow in the state of Ohio. Even though the issue will be on the November ballot it is still ILLEGAL to possess, sell or grow and we will continue to investigate, search for and convict those possessing or growing it or selling it,” warned Sheriff Solomon.

Every year The Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (B.C.I.) put together an eradication unit to go around the state of Ohio and use aviation and ground units to search out illegal marijuana grows. Every year the amounts vary.

“We have had years where only a few plants were located and others where over 100 were found. This is an event every year that the Drug Task Force, consisting of Auglaize and Mercer County deputies and members of local police agencies work together on,” said Solomon.

Solomon said the marijuana plants are pulled and counted. They are then placed into evidence for disposal at a later date.

“We also investigate the possibility of charges against those who are growing the marijuana,” he said.

Charges range from illegal cultivation to criminal trespass.

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